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“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”- William Butler Yeats

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Counting down the hours now!

I have decided to create a separate blog for the our travels throughout China because it will be easier to record for Anna Grace's lifebook.

We are all packed and ready to roll. This will be our last post from home as we are packing up the final item, the laptop. Scott, Kai, my Mom and myself are filled with anticipation and excitement as the hour approaches for us to head to the airport. There won't be much sleeping here tonight! An electrifying feeling has definitely filled every nook and cranny of our humble abode as we set forth on the path that God has prepared for us. Nine months to the day that we sent in our requests for her to be ours, we are leaving to bring her home. Yes! Another beautiful daughter and this time, a baby sister, and we couldn't be happier!

We hope to someday share with her all of the prayers and well wishes of family, friends, and complete strangers who couldn't wait to see us united. Please be sure to sign our guestbook if you have not done so. There is a link on the sidebar.

Anna Grace,

Hang on, baby girl! We are literally days away from that magic moment in which you will be placed in our arms to be a part of our family for a lifetime. Words could never express how much love your Baba and I have for you, but we promise with our entire hearts and soul that as long as we live, we will show you that love. You will know what it means to have a forever family, to love and to be loved. You were delivered from Heaven into our hearts, and we are so very blessed for that gift.

Hugs and kisses as we wait to be united,

Mama & Baba


Aiden's Mommy said...


Have a safe flight and a wonderful adventure in China. We are eagerly waiting to see that beautiful little girl of your safe in the arms of Mama & Baba!


Leslie said...

Safe travels for your family. We can't wait to see Anna Grace join her family.

geminirn said...

Safe travels to you and your family....can hardly wait to follow along.


Walker said...

Hope you have a safe and restful flight! We're praying for yall! We got our TA yesterday. We fly out on the 19th and will be in Guangzhou until the 24th. We'll fly to Guizhou on the 25th, and receive FAITH!!!! We fly back to Guangzhou on the 1st of July with a CA on the 6th!! Hope to see ya there girl! You'll have Anna Grace by then!!!

Charlotte said...

Can't wait to see you have your princess in your arms ! Kai, be good to your new sister !

Tammy said...


You should be leaving soon for YiWu, hope you have a wonderful stay. Can't wait till you start posting.


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