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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Amazing love

Sometimes when I think about what a turn of events my life has had from where I expected to be, even 10 years ago, I am amazed. I would have said, "You're nuts!" Me? More kids? No way!

God knows exactly what we need and when we need it. These little people show me daily how what an incredible gift I have been given. When we set out to adopt, we wanted to give a family, a home, to a child who may not ever have known one. We wanted them to be loved and treasured for the perfect creations that they are. Although I admit, it was for selfish reasons also that led me to adopt because I absolutely love children and couldn't see myself with an empty nest. These sweeties have really filled a space in my heart that was empty, and one that I never knew it was even there.

I laugh and smile daily with these little ones. All of them!


My happy little swimmer who loves, loves, loves the pool!

AJ said to me as I was laying him down for a nap yesterday. "Mama, I love you so much that I don't have the words." I said, "You don't have the words?", all the while my heart was swelling as I watched my beautiful little boy's wheels spinning in his head. He looked at me with the most serious little look and said, "Nope. I have no words to tell you how much I love you, but Mama, it's bigger than a whole lot." Statements like those (and I am blessed to hear them often from all of them) make every second of my life worthwhile.


They all wore Mexican hats to celebrate my birthday at a Mexican dinner.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave Kai a complete lesson at the grocery store about why the milk containers have different colored tops (Blue - fat free, Red - Whole and Purple - Skim) and the differences between them. We arrive at the register where the man in front of us had a gallon of fat free milk. Kai looks at the milk, looks at the man, looks at me and then says, "Mama, if fat free is what people drink to lose weight, Why is he still fat?" The man looked at him smiling and said, "I guess it doesn't work.". Out of the mouth of babes. At first, I sort of wished the ground would swallow me up, but I had to laugh. He didn't know better. On our way home, we had a long talk about the etiquette of not telling people they are overweight. He felt bad. We ended up giving each other big hugs when we got home and he promised that he wouldn't tell anyone "ever again they were fat."


Baking banana bread with Mama.

Miss Anna Grace was with me at the pizzeria a few days ago. I had just cut her bangs and she really did look cute as a button. She kept brushing her hair back (think "Cher") in order to accentuate the new look. An older lady came up to her and said, "Wow! You have beautiful hair. It must look like your Mom's. Anna Grace said, "No, my Mama's hair is not black." The lady glanced at me and said, "Oh honey, I meant your real Mom." Before I could intervene in the conversation, my little spitfire looked the lady straight in the eye and said in a very matter-of-fact tone, "This is my real Mama!" and she walked away from the lady and stood by my side. I just looked at the lady and said, "She's right. I am very much her real Mama. Have a great day." We walked out of the pizza place, my girl and her real Mama, hand in hand. I couldn't have been prouder of my beautiful daughter. She understands the meaning of family and now fully feels like she's a part of ours. For that, I am forever thankful. She's come such a long way.

So, each of them, in their own way manage to creep just a little deeper into my heart daily. It surprises me every time because just whenI think they've pretty much taken over my heart, they go and do something adorable and make me fall in love with them all over again.

I am so incredibly blessed and honored to have been chosen to be their Mama. But mostly, I am so thankful that most of the time, I don't listen to my plans and follow God's, because His plans are always perfect!


Terynn said...

Great post, Obaby. You are blessed, indeed; once, because you have been given 6 wonderful blessings and twice, because you know their worth.

Tracy's corner said...

WOW! You sure are blessed. Beautiful children!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Beautiful thoughts from a very real mama! I love what you shared about each of your babes!

My life too, is on a path I never expected-although the thought of an empty nest always made me cringe--so I guess I should have figured I would somehow fill that nest with back-ups. Oh how preciously blessed we are!

Love your heart!


Aus said...


sure missed blog posts like that - thanks for sharing it! And when I think back over your adoptions (remember when....back when we first met while AG was suffering so?) Remember all those times with the raging child?....one word after the pizza joint encounter....PAYBACK!! Everything you invested, all the tears / fears / and angst - worth every penny of the cost! I just couldn't be any happier for you!!

hugs - big en's - aus and co.

Jill said...

Wow Ohilda...that brings tears to my eyes! Each one of them is such a gift, treasure, blessing!

When Nate was little someone asked him if he knew his "real mom" and he said "yes, she is right here." A few moments later he said to me in a very KNOWING way..."Mom you KNOW what she REALLY meant don't you??"
I just had to laugh...kids are so SMART and intuitive!
Keep us on our toes!

Kim said...

That made me cry dear friend! I sooo wish that we lived closer! You and I are sooo much alike! I to NEVER want an empty nest! Is there anything in life more precious than these little ones we have blessed with?? SO blessed to call you my friend! Love you,Ohilda!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I love them all....all of the stories of the love you have for them and the love they have for you. Most especially the last story with your princess!!! You both have journeyed a long road together and I know that was music to your ears!!!!! I love you my friend:)

The Princess's Mommy said...

Love this post! You're babies are just too cute for words and I know how your heart must have sang at the pizza place. AG has come a long way, baby!!!

Yes, we are SO blessed! Love you, O! Have a great weekend!


Sherri said...

I'm so thankful to see that Anna Grace has come such a long way! That incident, my friend, was a little hug from God for you!

Dawn said...

Beautiful post! All the work and tears and prayers and sleepless nights are all worth it! Loved what Anna Grace said to the rude lady... yes! Be proud mamma you are doing a great job!

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