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Friday, June 11, 2010

Letters of Intent


Do you have someone you'd really like to write a letter to? Someone who you've been itching to tell them how you feel? Well, head over to Julie's place and join in on the fun!

As for me? I sure did!

Dear Old Fuddy Duddy Neighbor,

Guess what? We're moving! Yes, I am sure your crinkly heart will be happy to know that my three little, very active, sweeties will no longer be running into your beloved grass or pulling into your driveway with their Big Wheels, which I know bothers you so much because they leave track marks on your royal carpet we know as grass.

I am hoping that your new neighbor paints their mailbox weekly, like you do, so they don't have to be reminded of the importance of the wood being maintained.

Our moving will also mean that there will be no need to peek out the windows late at night to see if the yelling is coming from our house. It is, Mr. Neighbor. You knew that. But you still had to show us you were watching. I admit. It isn't very nice of me to get the kids to run around and screaming, "I'm gonna get you" at 3:00 pm in the afternoon on a Saturday, when you're taking your beauty nap, which by the way, isn't working. But it has become kind of a game to catch you peeking through the bushes to see what all the racket is that's coming from the pool.

I am also sure that your wrinkled smile will be completely stretched as you see the moving truck drive away, knowing that the one little weed in the yard that has been bothering you for weeks, you can now come pluck, since your yard is perfect. Maybe that's why we decided to let the "yard go". I know that wasn't very nice of us. Touche.

We sure will be missing the fact that if we forget a garbage day, you won't be there to sneak around the side of our house and drag our cans out to the street.

Oh yes, before we leave, there's one more thing. Remember that time that you came and knocked on our door to complain that we had mowed the lawn too short and our dog, Fred, peed on your feet? Well, I thought you might be interested in knowing that his breed was rated number one in intelligence. Hmmm....he must have an extra sense that warns him about grumpy old men.

By the way, two weeks prior to that visit, you had told us we should have lowered the blades on the lawnmower because the lawn was cut too high. Just sayin'.

Yup! We'll be missing ya! The new place doesn't seem to have an 80 year old grumpy neighbor that can't stand little kids and has to keep his nose in everyone else's business. But, I suppose
we'll survive without you.

Terribly heartbroken,

The loud and boisterous neighbors.


day by day said...

Oh. My. Word. That could have been written to MY neighbor!!!! Except, they are not in their 80's...they are our age.

Their house is like a museum and their lawn must be made out of gold the way they cherish it. They knock on our door all the time and complain about the ROOTS that have grown underground under the fence to their yard...from our greenery. Like we have any control over roots!!

I always instruct my little ones to do their bike turn arounds in ANY driveway except theirs. Could only imagine if there was an accidental scratch on one of their luxury cars!

And yes...the noise and the hustle and bustle that comes from our home is surely disruptive to their quiet sanctuary.

With 4 kids and a BIG dog, I am always on pins and needles with them next door to us.

We are also getting ready to put our house on the market and I am sure that our neighbors will be doing the happy dance over there when they see the For Sale sign!

Funny thing is....the proclaim to be Christians. I missed the part in the Bible that says to worship our possessions. yikes!

Okay...thanks for letting me vent about our Old Fuddy Duddy Neighbor. lolol!!!

have a great week-end!

Veronica @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

O, the line about the dog is too funny! I guess as long as you don't send the letter, you are within the Proverbs 11 verse, lol. xoxo

Foursons said...

Oh my goodness, that is the neighbor from h.e.double hockey sticks! Hahaha- maybe you can do a driveby after you move and see how the new family is feeling about the old man.

Thanks for linking up and good luck with the new neighbors!

Tami said...

girl! you can't go post a blog post with the title "letters of intent" without sending fellow china-adoptive parents spinning! good grief! i thought you were sending letters of intent to adopt two or more MORE children! lol!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

jajaja....Ohilda...you and Michelle crack me up! How sad that you both have to live by people like this??

So glad you are moving!!!!!!!

Carmen said...

Too funny. Where are you moving to ? I am surprised you were able to sell your house. Is the market moving over there now ?

Beth said...

LOL ... We had his twin for a neighbor when our kids were little! I was so happy the day we moved out of that house! He was probably happier than we were!

Came by from LoI. Following your blog now.


Holly said...

Um O...I'm with Tami. Totally.
First thought...LOI...child in China.
Very naughty of you O.

Aus said...

Are you sure that you don't live next to my neighbor? :) At least she now pulls into the garage and closes the door before she gets out of the car and has to see me - I'm happy about that too! ;)

Oh - and don't hold back - tell us how you really feel!

and will you be moving far - or maybe just to the other side of the neighbor....ya know....just to keep life interesting?

hugs - aus and co.

Trish said...

We must have the same neighbor, lol! I sent you an e-mail so we can get together sometime, just let me know, Trish

JShannon said...

That is exactly why I live where I live! DH and I were very tired of neighbors complaining about the kids or the dog or the noise. Now we live in the middle of 42 acres, we cant see any of our neighbors and they cant see or hear us. We have campfires and play music as loud as we want. We could run around here naked, Ahem, I mean if we really wanted to that is. :)

Sara W. said...

Oh, this made me laugh while having my morning coffee :-)

Our backyard neighbor (over the fence!!) said he doesn't like all the helicopters from our tree in his yard. Said, "That tree is so messy, why would anyone want a tree like that? (we have a huge Silver Maple) My wife is in tears over how many helicopters land in her flowers." They are old, no children, crabby, always arguing with each other about how to space the next shrub, flower, bench, water globe, etc...

The funny part? Crabby neighbor called my mother in-law (he thought he was talking to me) and just let loose on her, saying terrible things. She couldn't get a word in edge-wise. After he was done yelling, she explained that she was not the right Wendt, he has the wrong phone number. She also told him that that tree is over 80 years old and there is no way we would ever cut it down. Further explaining that we have small children, and the tree provides shade and the kids love it. She told him our backyard tree is beautiful and we have no control which way the wind blows the helicopters. If he doesn't like them, he'll just have to pick them up like everyone else does. Or just wait until they go away on their own.

*the helicopter "season" doesn't last very long.

This happened 2 years ago. Ever since he has talked sweet to the kids (through the fence). And told us that our house "sparkles"...he told us this in passing by one day, when I said, "Hello, we are your backyard neighbors." :-) We had all the kids in tow and were out walking. Oh, and he also told Delaney and Carter "We are nice people." And, he invited us over to see his "beautiful yard" and all their flowers. He said, "You should come over."

I think his wife has recovered, and quit crying over helicopters in her flowers. I mean, there are much worse things she could be crying over!!

Mariel said...

hahaha! sounds like OUR old neighbor...but HE moved, not us!! I guess they'd had enough of us...especially since we home school!! hahaha! loved this letter...great laugh!

geminirn said...

LMAO!!!!!!!YOUR KILLING ME OVER HERE!!Hope all goes well with the big move.

Lanny said...

Oh dear, I can't imagine someone that your beautiful family can't win over. Yikes!

How exciting though that you are moving, I am one for change, I find it so exhilarating. I do know that some folks find it hard especially when they love where they are at. Maybe neighbor troubles are so that you can move without feeling too sad.

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