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Friday, June 26, 2009


At the risk of aging myself, I must share yesterday's playground incident with the young Moms (early 20's) at AJ's playgroup.

I was sitting with these girls that could be my daughters Moms talking about our kids and the conversation somehow turned to the boyband, New Kids on The Block. This is how it went:

1st Mom: Wow! Did you hear NKOTB were here not long ago?

2nd Mom: Yeah! Oh, I would have loved to see them!

2nd Mom: Ohilda, do you like NKOTB?

ME: (Quickly thinking that my almost 15 year old Amanda loved them!) Umm...yeah. I remember them! (making it seem like it was not that long ago that I had a teen idol)

1st Mom: Who'd you like most growing up?

ME: (wishing the return of Jesus would be that very instant!) ME? Umm....oh, you guys probably don't like him.

1st and 2nd Mom: (in unison) Oh, c'mon! I'm sure we do!

ME: (Finally giving in) Well, to tell you the truth, I pretty much just existed so I could belong to Donny Osmond.

1st and 2nd Mom (again in unison and rather loud!): DONNY WHO???

ME: (releasing a big sigh) "AJ! Be careful, Honey! You're gonna fall! Here let me help you." (walking away feeling ancient).

So, for all those other ancient Mamas out there that remember having wonderful memories of my teenage heartthrob, Donny Osmond, join in the memories!

As a teenager, I had this poster hanging right next to my bed so when I rolled over (my bed was against a wall) I'd stare into his eyes!)


With of course, a million other posters covering my walls.

I thought my heart would literally stop beating when my Mom gave me Donny Osmond sheets that came with this pillowcase:


I remember bawling to songs like Too Young, The 12th of Never, and of course, Puppy Love! Oh, those were the days. Such innocence compared to the world we live in today.

Donny turned out to be a great, Godly man with a beautiful family.

So, I don't know where it was that I went from lovin' this good guy hearththrob:


To this "Bad Boy" heartthrob:

Kiefer Sutherland

I just couldn't end this post without giving Kiefer some credit.

I leave you with some of my favorite Donny Osmond songs in the background! Feel free to share your teenage heartthrobs in the comments section. Truly, after yesterday, I don't think you could out-age me!

By the way, because I love you guys, I threw in a David Cassidy and a Bobby Sherman song, too!



Aus said...

Well - I'm wondering how our attitudes change more than teenage heart throbs! I was a Kate Jackson fan personally (sorry Farrah - rip - but Kate was the babe of the program!). But when I look back at pictures today (they are in the news eh?) I really wonder what I was seeing! :)

hugs - aus and co.

sara said...

oh my.....MY poster next to my bed was of Bobby Sherman!! I had a life size poster of him on my door!! He made me swoon!!! (ok, that word just aged me for sure!)

and Keifer....well, enough said!!! :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

I know I'm young-ish... but I loved the Donny and Marie send-off song. I waited for it each week.

Jill said...

O, your killing me girl! I am still laughing!
Thanks for my Kiefer fix!
Hugs, Jill

Sherri said...

Ohilda, you just made my day. It wasn't that long ago, just a few weeks ago, when Sarah (my 21 year old) and I sat down at the computer comparing the songs of our teen idols. She was really into N*SYNC/ Backstreet Boys/ 98 degrees. So I pulled up some Donny Osmond for her on youtube. We had the best day, and I loved looking back on that time of my life.

Do you remember the rivalry between the Jackson 5 and the Osmonds? I'm so happy that Donny hasn't had any scandal attached to him.

Thanks for the pictures!

Holly said...

Can you still love me if you know that I loved Joey Joe McIntyre from New Kids on the Block?
I had a NKOTB sweet 16 birthday party! Yes I did.
Born in 1974 girl!
I also "loved" Kirk Cameron.
And I'm 34!
Who cares if other people think we're old just because we have kids the same ages that 20 year olds have!! I was 20 and 23 when I had my 2 biological children and was friends with people ten years older than me because the other people MY age were out partying while I was being a mommy and a wife!
Our adopted blessings keep us young :)
Love you!

Kim said...

Totally with you on the Donny love! And I can totally relate to the generation gap between you and the other kids' moms. Most of the moms of the kids in the kids' class at school are mid-20's. I could definitely be their mother. I got asked by a teenager helping out at Bible school last week was I Lydia's mom or her grandmother?! Oh, well!

Undercover-Princess said...

I've always liked Kiefer. He is proof that vampires should NOT sparkle.

Anonymous said...

Ohilda, oh sweet Ohilda, you just cracked me up! Hahahahaha! Hey I was at that NKOTB concert woohoo!! But at least I know who Donny Osmond is and you gotta love Keifer as I agree with Undercover-Princess, vampires should NOT sparkle only princesses sparkle helloooo. Regardless thank you for my laugh of the week and hey you are only as old as you feel and you have some great little ones to keep you young for a bit longer. Hey as far as Im concern Im not a day over 15 and dont look a day over 22 =)


Jill W said...

I am just another Donny fan. I had a purple Donny Osmond lunch box. Oh he was so handsome! We watched Donny & Marie every Friday night. My favorite part was the "I'm a little bit country--I'm a little bit rock~n~roll" part of the show. I shared a room w/ my big sis and she had a Bobby Sherman poster on the back of our door.

JShannon said...

I had posters all over my bedroom too, I also had the life size one on the back of my door. I had that pillow case too !! Oh my, those were the days.......

Shawnstribe said...

count me in, i was a Donny fan!!!!!

Starla said...

I was another one with the Bobby Sherman lifesized poster on my wall. Wow....that was another age.....:)


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Well, I'm sure none of you ever hear of my heart throb Frankie Avalon and Fabian...Paul Anka, and Bobby Darin....did I just tell my age?...lol..
PS never did care for Elvis until I was older and then only certain songs

The Ferrill's said...

I love this, Ohilda!
I was so a Rick Springfield fan. I REALLY wanted to be Jesse's Girl! ;)
And when I was in elementary school, I can remember loving The Rockford Files (remember that with James Garner?) AND B.J. and the Bear!
Hey, we're young, honey! We are YOUNG!
Love you friend!

Patricia/NYC said...

Ohilda, this post just cracked me up!!! I was a MAJOR David Cassidy fan & actually got to meet him about 15 years ago! As for Donny, I had a love/hate relationship with him...lol...one day I loved him, next day not so much. My husband worked with Donny a few years ago on his album & I have a pic of the 2 of them together...he really IS a great guy in person too!

Ahhhh, yes, count me in on being one of the ANCIENT moms! lol!

Jill said...

OHILDA! YOU KNOW I am right there WITH YA!! I too, am the OLD Momma when it comes to going to groups with my Lil Sam the Man!! AND, remember my post about posters?? Well, I had a Donny one too!!! I loved David Cassidy SO MUCH but had a "thing" for Shawn too!! What fun...and the songs...sweet, and FULL of young love.

Now, as far as Keifer is concerned? Well, my hubby would say that GOOD girls are drawn to BAD boys!! Oh dear...I DO NOT like this at all since I want MY GIRLS to only like GOOD BOYS!!!
GAH!!!! Praying over my girls RIGHT NOW!
AND...I am OUT!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, My Gosh! You have me cracking up!!!!! I am sitting here at the computer lol and everyone is looking at me! Oh, I with you sister! I did have a crush on Donny.... but, big time in to David Cassidy and of coarse ELVIS! So thank you for the honorable mention of David.... hehee
Oh, I always thought I would be the young, cool mom when I was growing up. But hey, they say that 40 is the new 30. And now I find myself fast approaching past that. lol
The moral of the story is that Donny Osmond is way cooler than the NKOTB! lol
Yes, we are young at HEART and still cool!
Now I am going to go read your comments so I can find myself among my peers..... The Over 40 and Still Got It, Hot Mama Club!
(oh, I hope you are over 40 and I haven't insulted you. lol)

Jewels of My Heart said...

Ok, it's me again. lol I am trying to get myself to turn down the sound so I can listen to the video below.... but now, I Think I Love You is playing and the memories are flooding back and I just can't bring myself to do it yet. lol
Thanks for the walk down memory lane!
I Think I Love You! hehee

My3Monkeys said...

No Donny for me, I was a Shaun Cassidy fan all the way!! Da Doo Ron Ron and the Hardy Boys!

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