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Monday, April 20, 2009

what the !@#$%?!?!?!?!






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OK "24" fans. Where are you?

Am I the only one reeling here, an hour and a half after tonight's episode ended, about what Tony did to Jack? I was literally yelling at the TV set. Yelling at Jack. Yelling at Tony. Yelling at airhead FBI Agent Walker to run in and shoot Tony. Man! Talk about stress.

I kept telling myself that Jack doesn't die here because I know he signed on for 3 more seasons (for $40 million!!) and he still has one more season left. I also saw an interview he did about a month ago where he stated that next season will be unlike the previous ones. There have always been a substantial time span between seasons, meaning 3 years have passed, etc. Kiefer stated in the interview that Season 8 will be almost back to back in time lapse from Season 7.

Also executive producer/director, Jon Cassar, who not only is a very good friend of Kiefer's but who played a major role in getting Kiefer the part of Jack Bauer, did not renew his contract because they could not come to agreeable terms. Kiefer has stated in the past that if Cassar was not a part of the show, he'd feel like something is missing and it would be difficult for him to remain. Therefore, another reason to make it through only one more season.

So, if you're asking for my guess as to what will happen. Here it is. Jack survives this season, but is not cured, mostly because he's only got 5 hours left of this season and the disease may take much longer to kill him. Season 8 begins maybe a few days later and Jack is still hanging in there. He ends up dying in Season 8 and the show ends for good, with soaring ratings and will go down in history as the best TV drama show in history!

Please let me interject a little more ranting now, before I continue. I've never been a Tony fan, but now...I can't stand him! I CAN'T STAND THE MAN! Did you hear me? Just in case you didn't....I CAN'T STAND THE MAN! I've always thought he's a lousy actor, but I guess that the fact that I CAN'T STAND THE MAN must mean that he's at least pretty decent at acting since he's gotten me to loathe him (although I'd never admit it out loud).

Whew! I feel better.

I do have to admit though, that I've seen (several times) every episode of every season of "24" and hands down, this is absolutely, without a doubt, the best one. The writers hit it outta the ballpark with this season and how about my man? Was Kiefer not AMAZING tonight with his acting? HOLY MOLY!!!!!!! If I were Kiefer I'd be dreaming about where I'm gonna be putting that next Emmy!

What about you? What do you think?


Po-Po said...

I don't know where you get time from but definitely you have time to take care of 6 more special need kids besides the 4 that you have. Anyway, your pics are beatiful, but tonight make me get a little tired about 24. Even that makes me jump in my seat the whole hour, nothing good happens, I though Jack was going to discover Tony right of way and I got upset when throw himself in the floor shaking like a jello dessert. Didn't stop the ambulance knowing that the terrorist was in it. So, I was dissapointed to the point that tomorrow I'm going to call for a meeting with Jon Cassar but also with Kiefer to show them how to make good series.

Terynn said...

chuckling here in Iowa, because (yes, friend, it is true) I have never seen a single episode of 24 and tonight I am really sort of glad, because I have never seen you so animated and so much YELLING with your fonts. ahahahhahhaaaahhhaaaa sorry, dear one. i know you looooves all things Jack/Keifer and 24. maybe i will watch it once it is in syndication. we can still be friends, right? lol

sara said...

wow, no passion there Ohilda! ha!

I really was hoping that Larry Moss was not dead and that Tony faked killing him to get close to those up top! But after last night....argh! and then the previews...double argh!!! but from the previews, Jack obviously gets better....so maybe his daughter comes back and it works!!!

and you are right...this is the best season ever!!!

Aus said...

Combining comments today! Well - it looks like it was a great Easter weekend - so glad you had a chance to spend time with ALL your Blessings! As for 24 - well I am glad that you feel better at least! (sigh). But when it comes to show like this - the absolute BEST was Hill Street Blues - not any of the spinoffs - just that program. I worked with ALL those guys from time to time! But SciFi is where the best programming ever is found! (it's a guy thing....) ;)

Hugs -

aus and co.

Tami said...

This season has me in knots too...more so than in past episodes...I think because of the fact that Tony is bad/dark!!!! I always looked at Tony as the one person who would always have Jack's back. I was so excited when he 'returned from the dead' this season, and was totally shocked when I thought he was bad, then it turned out he wasn't (Whew), only to find out he REALLY IS!!!

We have our weekly Sophie night at 9:30 Monday nights, so we have to watch the last 1/2 hour on the computer to catch up.....I can't wait to see how last nights episode ends.


Leslie Jackson said...

I don't want to think that there may only be ONE season left! I just started watching it (out of reruns) last season!!! Jack must get healed and stay for 10-12 years!!! (Of course, the work he does, he really MIGHT get too old in 10-12 years.... but... he'll always be good looking!)


A Crystal Garden said...

So I couldn't stay away but I am prepared to loath Tony tonight. :o)

Anonymous said...

Okay all I have to say is that you histerical!!! Reading this I could just see you screaming at the tv, you're the best always so entertaining.


Angie said...

Oh, I had forgotten that Tony was bad earlier in this season. It is hard to keep all of the facts straight since we are watching previous seasons at the same time as this one. But still, I can't believe that he would turn against Jack. Last week when he killed Larry I was so mad at him for days. My hubbie thought it was so funny that I talked about Tony as if he was real. And what about last night when the actor that plays Tony did a quick commercial after the show was over? We were booing him off the stage!

He And Me + 3 said...

YOu are too funny, but the first thing i said after I got done screaming at the TV myself was..."I wonder what Ohilda is thinking about this?" LOL so glad you posted your thoughts. I feel the same way. I never liked Tony either and his voice grates on my nerves so bad...but I have to give him props, because his acting last night was the best it has ever been...we are supposed to hate him...and we do. LOL
My dad seems to think that Jack will get better with stem cells from the baby? You know to hype the liberal stance on stem cells...what do you think about that twist?
Hubby thinks daughter will try and save Jacks life and will end up dying in surgery...yet another loss for Jack. I don't know what to think but I never want this show to end.
Jack was awesome last night...
Until next hour...:)

mommy24treasures said...

you are so funny! I can't stand TV! Hubby LOVES this show and I FUSS every MONDAY!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I've never watched 24 either but my X-DIL was a Keifer fan from the start, my Grandson was named Keifer after him nearly 20 yrs ago.. In our little part of the world he is the only Keifer Smith around. There are 210 Smith's in the phone book and their are 32 Ronnie's, 22 Charles, 14 Lisa's, 6 Marjorie, but only one Keifer...lol..I have to agree Keifer is a great name.

Jill said...

You are a trip!!

Patricia/NYC said...

Boy, am I glad you posted about this (& I love how you posted it! lol!) I cannot BELIEVE what a "double crosser" TOny is!! Now, granted, I have only watched season 1 & season 6, so I'm no expert on the show or Tony's character, but I really thought he was a "good guy" UGH!!! And let me just say, I despise Agent Walker...ok...now your theory...sounds very plausible...this is a great season & we are really enjoying it...I don't watch lots of tv & certainly don't get this passionate about it, lol, so it must be a good show! ;)

Will be praying for you & Kai!!

Lanny said...

I caught the 24 hour flu a few years ago, their second season I think, I got over it last year, but my husband is still suffering from it and so I have to endure hearing the effects of it every week. I didn't like that creepy Tony even when he was supposed to be a good guy, I wonder if the actor is as whinny and spinless as his character?

Michelle said...

Oh my, you crack me up!! You have a bit of an obsession, eh? I am not sure I should admit this here, but I have never watched 24. Please continue to be my friend, Ohilda. lol

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