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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not What You Wanted

I know that you guys are all waiting for a post full 'o cuteness again with pictures of our day at Sea World. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's not what you're gettin' tonight folks.


Because I'm plum' exhausted. The boy has completely worn me out.

We were on the road by 7:00 a.m. I could barely keep my eyes open during the 3.5 hour drive, because I ended up going to bed at almost 3 a.m.

Finally, we made it to Sea World. OH MY LORD!!!!!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING??????

As a Floridian for almost my entire life, I'v always had enough sense to know that going to a theme park in Orlando during SPRING BREAK is as bad as falling into a bed of cacti - naked! Why would I do that??????

We arrived there on time, until we hit the exit to Sea World on I-4. From that point, it took us 1.5 hours to get off the exit and park our car at Sea World. That was crazy! Poor Kai kept asking, "Are we there yet?" I kept saying, "Almost!" As we both watched the big Sea World sign just yards away, but unable to move....for over an hour!

Yet, even with the huge crowds and the cold weather (yes, Aus...we wore ski caps and layered clothes with jackets in 58 degrees - we're wimps), we had an absolutely. marvelous. time. We laughed, sang silly songs, ate junk food, and even picked up on some educational stuff when we learned some cool facts about polar bears and sharks. I loved listening to Kai giggle and watching him run around like a looney. My heart melted whenever he'd say, "I miss Daddy." or "I miss AJ and Anna Grace." Man, I love that boy so much. He's got a gigantic heart with a personality to match. Scott tells me often that Kai is my soul. It always makes me smile. OK. Major degression.

I took tons of pictures and some videos, but I truly am wiped out. I will definitely post them tomorrow while hanging out at the hospital though, so be sure to come peek.

We checked into the RMH this evening, had some leftover mac & cheese with chicken and settled into our room, which is again, very nice! Kai told me he was not tired and began to argue a bit about why he had to go to sleep. I told him he could stay up for 5 more minutes. I went into the bathroom to put away our toiletries and when I walked back out, he had completely passed out on the bed. Too funny! So, now he's snoring away as I type.

Tomorrow morning we meet with Dr. Hero at 8:45 a.m. I'm a bit nervous. Kai's de-sat's have gone from 20+ a night to maybe 5 a night...if that. I know that is GREAT news, but I think the doctor is gonna think I'm crazy. Now I'm worried that maybe Kai shouldn't have surgery and that eventually his de-sats will go away all together. But, I'm not a doctor and we'll see in the morning what the real doctor says, although I do think they will still be going through with the endoscopys on Thursday.

Not to mention the fact that I feel so bad for my sweet boy, who has asked me about needles every single time I mention him going back into the hospital. I hate the fact that he has to go through this. I hate it! Poor baby.

So back to today. It was a wonderful, unforgettable day filled with memories that I will carry in my heart for a lifetime.


Michelle said...

It sounds like such a WONDERFUL day - after entry into the park. Sorry about the time it took to get there! Kai just sounds like such a kind and generous soul.

I have been lifting Kai and Anna Grace up to our Heavenly Father in prayer and will continue to do so. Please keep us posted as you can tomorrow.


sara said...

so glad you had a great day. can't wait to see the pictures! Am praying for your visit with the doc tomorow!!!

Terynn said...

Ohilda: You silly girl. I was soooo worried when I read the title of your post. Soooo worried.

Imagine my relief (and delight!) in reading of your days' fun with Kai.

Still praying for your boy's day tomorrow. Unless God tells you VERY clearly otherwise, let Dr. Hero and the Great Physician make the decisions about surgery, ok? They know best. (big silly grin)

Let us know how things go. I'll keep checking in...

Aus said...

Well good morning - to be honest with you - I didn't make the spring break connection, mostly because ours is next week! Regardless of the trip - glad that you had a good time with lots of junk food! We're praying for you guys - as well as Dr. Hero - and the next time you see himn please give him a hug for us too! BTW - we had snow flurries yesterday - if we'd have been with you it really would have been shorts and tee shirts!

hugs - aus and co.

Jill said...

SO glad you two had a precious fun filled time at Sea World!
Keep up the updates as you are able!

Timmy's Girl said...

That is so great! Glad you had a fun time. Can't wait to see the pics.

Praying for clear answers at Dr. Hero's.

xoxo, Veronica in CA

Holly said...

I know God was thinking of you when he formed Kai in the womb! Please keep us updated...love your twitter notes on the side!
Big hugs from North Carolina,

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