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“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”- William Butler Yeats

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Because YOU Asked! (Part II)

READY. SET. GO! The rest of the answers!

Charlliesweb said...

I think you need to have a new post during the week, Ohilda's Consumer Report, you can help us out with other products like the ped-egg thingy; what do you think?

I love the idea, but, ummm...no, thanks. I could barely keep with the post I have now.

I was even going to stop the Not Me's because I absolutely want to be truthful, but some weeks it's just plain boring around here. But, I know some of you (Michelle and Ily) love the Not Me's, so for now, it's still a go. :)

Have you been through really hard financial times, enough to have checks bounce; and if so, how did you handle the emotions?

Oh, yea. RIGHT NOW is pretty bad. Although I admit I've never bounced a check. When things have gotten REALLY bad, I just have to look at the bills and say, "Eenny, meeny, miiny, Moe..." The lucky one gets paid that week. Fortunately that has not happened very often at all in my life. (Thank you, Jesus).

As to the emotions, when I am completely down in the dumps and at my last straw thinking "How in the world are we going to get out of this?" It is then I usually find myself on my knees begging God to please intervene. I know the man upstairs is in control and He will provide, maybe not like I expect, but in the end, it's always perfect and it all works out for His glory. I keep repeating the following verse to myself, over and over:

"Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?" - Matthew 6:26

How many days is the longest you let laundry pile up?

I'm embarrassed to say, too many. By the time I roll around to doing laundry I have a tower that could be 5 feet tall. It usually takes a week with the 6 of us, for it to get that tall. By the way, I despise folding and hanging laundry, so sweet hubby usually does that task, except for the kids' clothes.

Are you guilty of calling a child in the room to pick up something in the same room you're already in? lol

Heh! No, I can't say I've done that, but I am guilty of calling Amanda or Scott in to "chit-chat" only because I want a glass of water or something, then I sneak that in as they leaving the room.

Do you read the celebrity mags at the checkout?

Not really, especially if I'm with the kids. Then I'm too busy keeping 6 pairs of hands off of all the candy racks! The only times I do pick one up is if it pertains to adoption (Meg Ryan or Angelina) or of course, Kiefer! What I do enjoy is reading the covers and comparing them. (i.e. Brad Pitt has secret affair with ex, Jennifer Aniston. Then the next magazine states, "Jennifer Aniston hasn't spoken to ex, Brad Pitt, in over a year!) GASP!

Do you watch soap operas?

I haven't watched a soap opera since I was in junior high. Although some may consider "24" quite the soap opera.

Are you guilty of going out in your pj's when you're feeling lazy?

Nope! I could say quite a few times if I don't have to go anywhere I will gladly stay in pj's all day long, but as to going out, I'm terrified of getting into a car accident that one time I have pj's on.

Have you totally zoned out while the kids are talking to you and had to apologize?

I am totally guilty of this. I hear, "Mama, Mom, Mama, Mom" ALL DAY LONG. After a while, I don't hear it anymore. The kids (both old and young) always say, "Mama (Mom) never listens!" Sorry, guys. I do love you, though.

Have you faked being asleep when the kids start tugging on you to go help them with something?

This was funny! Nope, my kids know my sacred rule. NO ONE gets out of their bed until Mama comes get them. I usually listen to them on the intercom until I see they are getting wild, and then I go get them. BUT....I admit (Sorry, honey, I promised my peeps I'd be honest) I have faked being asleep maybe once or twice when hubby tugs on me. :) A girl needs her sleep, ya know!

Have you had Mac-n-cheese nights for dinner?

Oh yea! I'm not a huge Mac-n-cheese fan, but the kids and Scott are. And since he's the fan, he cooks it.

Do you have any quirks, like always wearing socks around the house?

Socks? No, I live in Florida. My quirk is usually being completely barefoot in the house. I hardly ever, ever where shoes/socks in the house, unless we have guest over. And if it's family, no shoes. Oh, and I wear sneakers maybe 2 or 3 times a year.

Do you recycle? Yup! But I'm really not into the whole "green" thing. (Sorry to all the environmentalist out there. I wish we were protecting babies more than we protect our animals and trees.)

Do you try to slide by expired coupons at the grocery?

I wish I used coupons. I'm terrible at that. I went on a kick a few years ago and ordered the Sunday paper just for the coupons. I spent hours cutting and snipping and then let most of them expire because I never remember to take them with me. The other issue was buying stuff I'd never buy, just because I had a coupon. So, my grocery bills were even more than usual.

What are your main holidays you decorate for?

Hmm....definitely Christmas, sometimes Halloween and always for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

Before you were a working mom at home, what other jobs did you hold?

I was an administrator at a private school for about 15 years, and taught some 6th grade computer classes in between. I was also a real estate agent and still have my license, although I have not worked real estate since the boys came home.

Do you print the pics you take or just keep them online?

I print them if I am going to enlarge them or need a picture for an occasion, otherwise I just store them on my computer, which I MUST put on disks but am way too lazy to.

Do you get mixed up with the kids' birthdays at doctor's offices, etc?

Not really. For some reason, I keep thinking Anna Grace's birthday is the 5th when it's on the 7th, but otherwise, everyone's birthdays are pretty much etched in my brain.

Have you ever forgotten how old you were, even for a minute?

Oh my gosh, I do that all-the-time! It drives me nuts!

Did you ever want a fake ID?
Nope, can't say that I have.

What are you most proud of, about yourself, not involving family?

Wow, not involving my family? That's tough because it seems like my family is all I am involved in. heh. Hmm. I could think about this one all day. Right now, I'd have to say the times that I have asked the Lord to use me and He has. I am always honored that He thinks I am capable of doing something, when I don't feel I can. When the "mission is accomplished", I always realize that it was not me, but it was Him.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13

Patricia/NYC said...

If you could meet anyone for the first time (dead or alive) who would it be & why?

You know, I've been asked this before and my answer has always been Jesus. But as my walk with Christ has grown, I know now, without a shadow of a doubt, that someday I will indeed stand or probably drop to my knees, before the King of Kings that I so look forward to meeting.

So now, I've changed my answer. Ok. I know you guys know who it would be. Yes, it's Kiefer Sutherland. Why? Just because I would love to sit and chat with him and see what he's really like, not what I envision him to be. I think he'd be a great dinner guest! Anyone out there know how to get an invite to him?

a corgi said...

Have you ever been to California?

Yes! I was there on a 10 day trip that included Lake Tahoe, then we drove down the coast, went to Muir woods (there's funny story I will mention someday about my now 26 year old and Muir woods) and then spent 5 days in San Francisco. We also went to Carmel and Monterey Bay. I loved, loved, loved it! I'm terrified of earthquakes, but hope someday to go back.

Your Husband@ said...

Yes, folks, these questions are from the sweet (but very goofy) love of my life, MY HUSBAND!!!

Ok since you have to be truthful.... did you really love my Black Velvet Cake???

Yes, honey! It was AMAZINGLY delicious!!! You are a fantastic cook and an incredible baker. (I'll post a picture of the cake next to your Don Quixote mustache picture :)

Here's another one: Right now, how many pairs of shoes do you have lying around the house?

STOP THAT!! I have 2! TWO! One pair in the kitchen and one in the office, because when I was leaving to pick up the kids, I had forgotten where the first pair was, so I had to grab another.
See, I told you guys I have to be barefoot in the house.

And this is a bit late, since he posted it this morning, but I wanted to make sure y'all got the message from Scott.

Last but not least: Can I give a shout out to all your " peeps?? " GOOD MORNING PEEPS!!!!

could you introduce us to your family a bit?

Sure! I always love sharing my precious Bouquet of Blessings!


From left to right:

The rock of our family, my sweet hubby, Scott.

Kai, our 4 year old little man who came home from China almost 3 years ago.

Anna Grace (carried by Tito) my 3 year old Chinese princess who was placed in our arms on Father's Day 2007.

Tito, my 26 year old, sweetheart who is now engaged and has a shaved head (yes!!!)

ME (a very happy wife and Mama of six)

My beautiful 14 year old Amanda who made the high school (she's a freshman) softball varsity team and will be the starting pitcher at their first game on Tuesday. Woohoo!

My other big boy, whom I love dearly, Adam (24 years old).

And last but not least, the baby of the bunch who is spoiled but it's my fault because I can't help but falling for his puppy dog eyes whenever he wants something, A.J. who will be 3 in March. AJ was adopted domestically and was placed in my arms just a mere 6 days before we left for China to bring home Kai.

By the way, all of my children's names start with an "A".

Armando (Tito), Adam, Amanda, Adrian (Kai), Anna Grace and Arthur Joseph (AJ). When we first decided to adopt and we were looking for names, my kids (especially the oldest) were very indignant when they heard that I might consider naming them something else than an "A" name. I'll always remember Tito telling me, "Mom, for them to feel like they fit in with us, they have to have an "A" name. He was 22 at the time.

Favorite things to do as a family?

Watch movies while snuggled up under the covers, or maybe play RockBand, or board games.

Favorite things to do as a couple (you and hubby)?

We're both computer geeks so lots of times we relax by sitting at our computers, which are side by side. We also love to play Scrabble, watch shows like "24", Hell's Kitchen, the Food Network (we love trying new recipes) and now American Idol, together. Of course, going out to dinner and a movie is great, but tough to do both with 4 kids at home.

Favorite foods?

Mexican and/or Tex Mex! YUMMERS!

Favorite colors?

I love black clothes. Otherwise, I pretty much don't have a favorite color.

Anonymous said...

a follow up to an answer you gave someone above. In your walk with God, how did you come to the Catholic Church? Was is your upbringing? Scott's? Both?

I've been Catholic from the day I was born. Unfortunately, my Mom who is now very close to the Lord, took us to church on Easter and sometimes Christmas, probably for the same reasons I didn't take my boys when they were little. I went to a Catholic school for Kindergarten and 1st grade when we first arrived to New Jersey from Cuba, but then attended public school growing up.

As to Scott, it is my understanding he'd go when he was young to church with his Mom every once in a while, but again, more of an obligation and not because of a commitment to Christ.

Anonymous said...

Do you believe Catholicism to be the one true religion? As a cradle Catholic, I find myself so much more engaged with my walk with God after changing religions a few years back. If you have time, I would love to know your response.

The above question was sent to me as a private email, but I have decided to post it on here because it truly is one of those questions that I struggle with...a lot! I really try hard to stay firm to my faith and what our church teaches, but I have to say that there are a few things that just go against my grain so much. Things that, as I inch my way through on my walk with Christ, I just cannot fathom He would do. Maybe it's because I so badly want to believe that what I am taught as a Catholic, it being the one true religion, is so wrong. I know so many Christians of so many different denominations that literally blow me away with their love of Christ and their knowledge of His word. I just can't believe that our loving, merciful Savior would turn anyone away who truly has served and loved Him. I can't just can't believe that.

A few months ago I had gotten into listening to a particular Catholic radio station and it was almost daily that I would hear how we need to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters that weren't Catholic. It really was depressing me. I emailed a beautiful, very devout, Catholic friend of mine and asked her what her opinion was. Her answer? Turn off the radio! I loved it!

So, Anonymous, after all that rambling and even discussing it with Scott over dinner (who feels the same way I do), I have to say, "No, I don't believe that Catholicism is the one true religion." (Yikes! That's scary to even write.) I hope I don't get hate mail from my Catholic readers, but I did promise to be honest with my feelings. And obviously, these are my opinions only.

But, I DO want to clarify that I completely believe in the Holy Eucharist as being the body and blood of Christ. That alone keeps me glued to my faith. As I've mentioned before, I love the traditions and history of the Catholic church, but I admit that sometimes I struggle with their teachings.

Thank you all so very much for asking such amazing questions!! You've made me laugh, cry and look deep within myself in order to answer a lot of the questions honestly. I may have to wear a helmet with all the comments/emails I received with people telling me they "may have to pick my brain!" Ouch!

I truly love blogging, but aside from the fact that I do it to honor and give glory to God whenever I can, I love the interaction with and from my readers. That's not a request for comments or followers, that's truly what I feel in my heart. I feel I've known some of you for years. Your friendship and encouragement, both spiritually and emotionally, are huge blessings in my life. Thank you and may God bless you all abundantly.

It's 1:15 a.m. and I need to get my sappy, cheesy self to bed before I start to cry again!


sara said...

I so loved this idea!!! I may have to try it!!

my daughter played softball too! She was a first baseman.

Did you watch Hell's kitchen last night? he started off with a bang!! I was at the gym and one of the gals that works there knew one of the chefs!! I told her that I can't imagine putting myself through that...yikes!

Loved all your answers, especially on Catholicism. Jesus said HE was the way the truth and the life. I also believe that no one who comes to God thru his son Jesus Christ will ever be turned away, no matter what religion they are!

Love you girl!!! Can't wait to "talk"!!!

Amy said...

Yeah, Ohilda! Thank you for sharing these questions and answers. It's been so fun getting to know you even better. I thought I couldn't love you more, but I DO! (Scott, too. He's a keeper!) Love and {{{BIG HUGS}}}, Ame

Katie@ThisCrazyLife said...

So interesting. I decided I must share with you though that I too share some of your opinions. I was raised Catholic, and I still am a Catholic. For me too though, that does not neccesarily mean that I believe in every single one of the Catholic Church's teachings. I went through a period in my life in high school and college when I truly questioned whether or not the Catholic Church was the right fit for me. I think I came out of it with a stronger faith. Only because I now know that I believe the things I believe because I got there myself and not just because that is what my parents and my school taught me. I don't believe that Catholicism is the only true religion. It is however the best fit for me. I don't believe in reconciliation( at least not with a priest) my sins are between me and God, and I do believe in his forgiveness. I too believe in the Holy Eucharist, and that it is one of God's greatest gifts. I do appreciate the church's stand on the sanctity of human life, and I am striving to become more passionate about it. You have truly inspired me there. I know this was long, but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in your beliefs.

Leslie Jackson said...

Thanks for sharing your family and your self with us. Your family is beautiful!

BTW...tell your children that I totally know how it feels to be the baby for 10 years then have a new sibling in the house. My parents had my kid sister when I was 9 1/2 years old. When she was younger, I tried to sell her to the neighbors, but they always gave her back! Now... we're both married, attend church together, and she's one of my best friends (just don't tell HER that!)!

Thank you again for sharing your heart with us! I might try this and see what happens on my site! lol

day by day said...

Wow, Ohilda! You sure had a lot of questions to answer!

I also go barefoot as much as possible and I live in the COLD North East. Just do not like wearing shoes. : )

Thanks for keeping the NM Mondays going. hee hee! And I believe those posts are about as truthful as they come...just worded in a comical way.

love ya!

La Familia Garcia said...

What a beautiful family and I love how your blog completely reflects Christ.

Timmy's Girl said...

Another great one, Ohilda. Where do you find the time? That is what everone asks me...I guess it is the time I save by not being on the phone!!!

As you asked on my blog, thanks for commenting btw, my parents were both born in Mexico and came to the US as teenagers. I am a brownie at heart!!

xoxo, Veronica in CA

Jill said...

Hi Ohilda!
I enjoyed this and feel I know you even better now!

OH! What is Sara's blog who started the "Getting to know you" game with letters? I want to credit her on my post!

Sherri said...

I so enjoyed reading these things about you! Thank you for being so honest!

I have a 21 year old daughter. You have a 24 year old son......hmmmmmmmmm

Our remote thing is broken on our tv right now. Not the remote control, but the thing on the tv that sends the signal to the remote. Consequently, we have to actually GET UP off the couch to change the channel. I have been known to call Hannah (15) downstairs on occasion for the purpose of changing the channel!


The Byrd's Nest said...

You know...I grew up in the Episcopal church but then became Baptist in my early 30's. I really never had a close relationship with God until I did go to the Baptist church. Not to imply that you have to be Baptist but I was just never shown/taught/or maybe my own lack of desire while at the Episcopal church because it was all so ritual and not alot of Bible study in my sunday school classes there.

At any rate, I (in my own non-theological opinion)feel there is no "true" religion except believing in God with all your heart, soul and mind. That his son died on the cross for our sins and acknowledging that you are a sinner and give your life to the Lord completely. Just my opinion.

Alot of my family are Catholic but I do have to say this Ohilda.....YOU are the MOST evangelical Catholic person I have ever met in my life! I LOVE your heart for the Lord; I love how you defend unborn children; I love how you reach out to everyone with His word. I love you!!!!!!

Patricia/NYC said...

Wonderful answers, Ohilda!
You have such a gorgeous family!

And I had a feeling it was going to be Jesus & Keifer! ;)

Hey...from one Catholic to another...boy do we have lots in common with our views on this subject! Loved reading your opinions on this subject!

a corgi said...

thanks for answering my question :)

really earthquakes are a piece of cake; you get used to them; see, I'm afraid of hurricanes and tornados; so its just what you grow up around

if you ever get to Southern California, we'll have to get together

I grew up Catholic, but after I got married (because he was married before) we decided to seek another church (he wasn't raised Catholic). I have to say that denominations aren't as important to me as Jesus preached and glorified and the Bible preached as the Word of God and that Jesus is the only way to heaven. If we go to any church that doesn't do those things, we are out of there in a heart beat (which hasn't happened yet because we always pray to the Lord to guide us to the church he wants us at; of course there were those 2 years in Santa Fe, but that was a mess and totally we were so out of God's will there)

thanks for answering all the questions so honestly!!!!!


Michelle said...

First off, I want to give a Shout Out to Scott! You know, from one of your peeps. lol

I loved all these answers. I had no idea AJ was placed in your arms 6 days before traveling to China to bring home Kai. I would so love to learn more about that. Did AJ travel with you? How did that work - you trying to bond with two kids at once?

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

what a great post. It was so fun getting to know you a little better. And LOVE the family pic. What a BIG BEAUTIFUL family! And the shout-out from your hubby, hilarious.


He And Me + 3 said...

I loved reading all these. So interesting, and you did get alot of questions...and really good ones too.

Aus said...

Hey Guys - first - Scott glad to be one of YOUR peeps too!

O - this was a really bold set of stuff to post - very cool! And thanks for your off-line comments as well - it's always a happy thing to share Faith with others! Ya know - I wonder is it so important 'what' we believe - or THAT we believe? Just kind of throwing that out there!

Amanda - who hasn't been blogging - well we understand why now, practice is getting in the way! I know mom and dad are proud of you - but I'm proud of you for earning your spot on the team too. You are a part of the 'battery' of the team - and I'm sure you know why! Have a great game! Looking forward to hearing more about it!

And with the exception of size and a couple years of age - our families match....this scares me I think - but it's a good scares!

And finally - on your thoughts about the 'only Church' - thank you for putting into words so well the only possible (from my chair anyway) opinion! If we believe that our God is a kind and forgiving god - then we must accept that He will welcome ALL WHO BELIEVE. And the reasonable me just can believe that anyone would sacrifice Their Son if He didn't intend to forgive!

All ya'll rock - bunches of hugs -

aus and co.

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