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Monday, December 29, 2008

Makin' Christmas Memories

This was so much fun!

Of course, the traditional Christmas Eve pig roast!

Santa likes "Black & White" cookies with his milk!

There's nothing like having all my babies home together!!!
Seeing this picture makes my heart swell.

All of my treasures, including my beautiful, soon to be daughter-in-law, Gloria.

Definitely A Bouquet of Blessings.

My sister, better known by our little ones as Ayi, started a new tradition, reading Happy Birthday Jesus to them before bedtime on Christmas Eve.

The little ones all listening intently.

Their giggles filled the house!

My big boy and big girl!

Amanda with her buddy and 2nd big brother, Adam.

My stunning older baby girl! Oh, how I love this girl!
(NOTE: Disregard the squooshed nose. I love her smile in this picture!)

Christmas would not be complete without my man, the one who keeps it all together!

Santa has arrived! Now we just wait for the little footsteps to discover the goodies.

"Look, Mama! Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk!"

A wonderful morning filled with love.

Definitely a big hit!

Of course, after all that excitement, Batman had to take a milk break!

I really have to say that this is one of the best Christmas' I've had in a while. I absolutely loved having all my kids home. Everyone got along great, we laughed lots and the air was just filled with everything that Christmas brings, love and joy. Sweet hubby made a delicious breakfast for everyone and the rest of the day was spent just hanging out in pj's just having fun. Sadly, Tito and Gloria had to head back to Miami early since he worked that evening, but I am very happy that he made the trip up, even if it was just for a day.

I have to admit that as I watched the joy and heard the laughter coming from my husband and my six beautiful children, I'd frequently stop myself and quietly whisper, "Thank you, Lord!"


He And Me + 3 said...

Those pictures and collages were all so great! Your family is so beautiful & their smiles so bright. I love the picture with the cookies all gone. Great expression!

Amy said...

Oh Ohilda, the pictures are all so beautiful and such fun! What a blessed and happy family! Thank you for sharing these heartwarming moments...precious.
Much Love,

sara said...

the pictures are so good!!! It looks like you had such a wonderful Xmas!!!

Family is such a blessing!!

Jill said...

Your new header photo is DIVINE!

What fun you had...I loved every photo! Especially Kai's face when discovering the empty cookie plate! AND, BIG WHEELS!?!?!? NO WAY!! WHAT COOL GIFTS!!!!

You got an EXCELLENT photo of all six kids together! PURE BLESSING!

Michelle said...

Now this is an awesome Christmas post, Ohilda!! It is so evident your home is overflowing with love and laughter. I could almost hear the giggles of the little three in their bed on Christmas eve. Thanks for sharing so much of your precious family time with all six of your kids.

Becky said...

I could feel the love, just by looking at the pictures! Y'all look so happy!
I love your new pictures that you're taking on your Christmas present. They are so neat!

Jewels of My Heart said...

So glad your beautiful, precious family had a wonderful Christmas.... love all the pictures of all the smiling faces....

Lindsey's mom said...

I have not been on your blog in a bit..I follow it but it does not show in my blog roll for some reason. Your family is beautiful!!! Merry Christmas belated and Happy New Year. If your younger kids would like to see the worldest biggest snowman..check out my blog for snowzilla.
Anchorage, Ak

Keisha said...

LOL! From Batman's milk break to Kia's look on his face about the milk and cookies!! So cute!
You have a beautiful family!

Aus said...

Hey Guys - WOW - it was a Christmas to remember! Loved the pictures - loved you and Scott together - dang your family is cool! Have an early New Years greeting! hugs - aus and co.

geminirn said...


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