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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thank you, Mr. President!

"Good Bye. Mr. President.

Whether you voted for him & love him, or you’ve disagreed with all his policies and dislike him... Could we all agree on this? We owe President Bush a sincere thank you. As the historic Inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama approaches, Steven Curtis Chapman pauses to thank our outgoing President for his service to our great country."
- Stephencurtischapman.com

Click HERE to listen to the song Steven wrote for him.

Also The Chapman family would like to share a Thanksgiving message. Please click HERE to watch the video clip.

As for the Bombardiers. It's been a crazy, hectic, weekend thus far, which included haivng 22 people over for Thanksgiving dinner (9 of them sleep-over guests), putting up a tree today and beginning the Christmas decorations. Right now we're heading out to the backyard for an exciting fun-filled night of camping out in the frigid cold (58 degrees), marshmallow roast included! I'll be catching up hopefully tomorrow night or Monday.

Lastly, Mr. President, our family thanks you for pulling us through some very tough times the last 8 years and for giving us your all. God bless you and your family always.


He And Me + 3 said...

I agree..He deserves many Thanks! Hope the fire keeps you warm while you camp out! Have fun!

sara said...

I so agree!!! He deserves more thanks than we can give him!

Have fun camping....hmmmmm....smores!!!!

Terynn said...

Like it or not, his decisiveness at a critical time in the history of the world (terrorism is not just an issue for the US) has kept the world safer than had he wallowed about or talked it to death. I hope history will be kind to his Presidency. I feel confident it will. Thanks for the post, Ohilda.

Doug and Terrye said...

I'm right there with you sister! I believe (contrary to the media's opinoin) that President Bush has been an awesome President. He has poured himself into the job, and he has done what he believes is right! I continue to pray for him, support him, and love him (and his fam).

Susan said...

I'm not sure there has been a time ( at least in my memory) when a current US president has endured so much media bias against him. It's easy to be critical in hind sight, but I agree w/ you Ohilda we owe him a big thank you. I truly believe he loves his country and wants the best for our nation.

Have you noticed a more "somber" Obama as of late??? Perhaps he is finally realizing what responsibility will be on HIS shoulders. The caves in Pakistan and Afghanistan harboring those plotting to 'take down America' and her people I hope will take a front seat over tax payer funded abortions etc..

Jewels of My Heart said...

I too am sad to see him go and I am thankful for his service to our country and to God.
I pray the Lord blesses him. I will also be lifting our new President and his family up in prayer as well.
So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! ENJOY the festivities!

Beverly said...

I loved this song. I think history will deem Bush better than even Lincoln or at least as important for the times we are in. I agree, Thank you President Bush for all you have done.

Jill said...

Well! I certainly hope you survived the camping! AND, hope you had a wonderful TURKEY DAY!

Thanks so much for posting the Steven Curtis Chapman video...I enjoyed that SO VERY much!

I too, am grateful for President Bush's time served! I would NOT want that job!!

lisa said...

All I can say is I HOPE President Bush gets to hear that song along with obama- whom I am very sorry to say I still can't look at him much less listen to him. President Bush deserves to hear that song along side the nation as he bids his farewell!!! thank you for sharing that.

JShannon said...

Hi, i just wanted to give you a shout back. I have actually "known" you since harrahs.
I have followed your family since then. How lucky you are that you got to go back to China. I'm still trying to talk my husband into it. lol.

Michelle said...

Thanks for posting this, Ohilda. I had not heard this song, but am grateful to SCC for writing this. The media wants to paint such a horrific picture of his presidency, but he has led us through some of the most difficult times and he deserves our thanks and appreciation. I thank you, too, Mr. President!!

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