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Monday, November 24, 2008

Nope, Not Me!

Time to rid myself of any guilt if I had done anything that would cause said guilt. But since I have not, then it clearly was Not Me!

It was definitely not me that laughed until my sides hurt last week when we made a family trip to the library. After an hour of being there, I went to the little "self-check out" booth and started scanning all of the books we were borrowing. When I got to the only book that sweet hubby had chosen, which by the way took him 20 minutes to find, I kept getting an "Error" message. Finally, hubby muttered that he would take it to the front desk and check it out there since I was obviously doing something wrong. A few minutes later, up walks hubby with no book in his hand and wearing a sheepish grin. It was not me who asked him if he checked out his book only to hear him say, "I guess it's been a while since I was at the library. The lady told me I couldn't check out this book since it was a REFERENCE book! Maybe that's why there were only 4 books on WWII on the shelf." Bahahaha! It definitely was not me that laughed so loud at poor hubby that I had several people look up at me from where they were seated. That would be mean and I am not a mean person.

Celebrating a spectacular win!

The "traitor" leaving the stadium with a rolled up jersey so as not to be detected as a Miami fan. So sad! (But, isn't he cute? I love my baby boy!)

Oh no! I was not me that drove with hubby, on our 11th anniversary of being together, to Miami to watch the N.E. Pats make dolphin "chowda" out of the Dolphins yesterday. It also was not me that was screaming D-E-F-E-N-S-E so loud that I have no voice left today. It absolutely was not me that asked her son, Adam, to go along all while knowing he would root for the Dolphins and then badger him the entire 2 hour trip home, especially because he removed his Dolphin Jersey before leaving the stadium! That would again not be nice and very unsportsmanlike. I am a good sport and would not do that. By the way, Adam, did you notice the score? Oh, you didn't? Let me help you. 48 - 28!!!!!!!!! It really was not me that had an awesome time with my sweet hubby, son and sister at this fabulous game!

It truly was not me that decided that Kiefer, our wiener dog, would look absolutely adorable dressed as a hot dog. No way that it was me that bought the hot-dog outfit with mustard and relish included and proceeded to parade our manly dog through the neighborhood with it on during his walks. That would be completely silly. It was also not me that smiled big when my babies laughed so hard at seeing their puppy looking so silly, which made it all the more fun to dress him up!

It certainly was not me that came home the other night only to find that sweet hubby had purchased the above TV Guide ::big sigh:: for me and placed it under my pillow. It surely wasn't me that danced around the bedroom oooohhhiing and aaahhhing and thanked sweet hubby a thousand times for thinking about me while he was standing at the grocery store line.

And you, of course, have to know that it was not me that made sure the night before that the TiVO was all set up to record the prequel to "24", Redemption, on the following night since we were going to the football game. I would never have come home from the football game, raced through the door and planted myself on the couch with my pillow, blanket, remote control, drink and snack to watch said prequel after thinking about it all day long. I also didn't ask Amanda and sweet hubby to watch it with me because the more, the merrier, when you are watching the man, Jack Bauer, save the world!

Now, what didn't YOU do this week? For more Not Me fun, check out MckMama's site!


Alexis said...

I LOOOOVE 24! (And I did NOT almost type 23, that would have been incredibly dumb haha!)

day by day said...

Hi Ohilda! Just stopping by for my weekly dose of Not Me Monday. : ) As always...thank you for the laughs, my friend!

Have a great week!!!!

-stephanie- said...

awwww cute (embarrassed?) puppy dog.

Cecelia said...

You are so funny and so much fun. I'm going to enjoy breaking bread with you this week. I hope your other visitors will drop by http://sharinghisbounty.blogspot.com to enter next week's drawing

He And Me + 3 said...

I am surprised my husband didn't buy that for himself. We both love some Jack! So excited for the new season. Looks awesome!

The Princess's Mommy said...

You crack me up!!! Love the puppy dog outfit! That's hilarious!!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Your puppy looks so humiliated! But he's so cute! Great list!

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