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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Princess...before, during and after!

These were taking at the hotel, during the Betadine bath, and in the pre-op room. She was happy and smiling.

Poor baby, these were taken mostly in the recovery room
and shortly after being taken to her room.

These were right after we were told we were going home!
She was dressed at ready to go!


We finally arrived home about 3:30 p.m. She was so happy to see Kai, AJ and the rest of the family! She proudly showed off her casts to which she got responses of "Owwieee" from Kai and
AJ just wanted to touch it.

I can't tell you how miraculous your prayers have been. The doctors had told me she'd be on Tylenol with Codeine for about a week. Well, every time I've asked her "Does your hand hurt?" Her response has always been "Nope!" I did give her some Motrin before going to bed tonight, but you'd never have known that this little girl had surgery yesterday morning. She was playing, laughing and being herself. In fact, I had to remind her a few times to stop running around, since her cast is so heavy and she's a bit top-heavy. She amazes me! The bonding continues to do well and we've had no attachment issues whatsoever in the past couple of days. I think she's really liking the one-on-one attention.

We return to the hospital in two weeks to remove the cast, change the dressing and check on her progress. I'm a very happy and relieved Mama tonight!


Sally- That Girl! said...

So happy to hear that God is using this time to help with her attachment. He never ceases to amaze!

By the way, she is too cute for words!!!

Trish said...

So glad you are home and she is doing well! Trish

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, Thank You Jesus!
What happy news indeed! She is so precious... I know your heart is overflowing with joy.

Kelly said...

I am so happy to hear that Anna Grace is doing so well. Kids are so resilient, aren't they? They just have fun and don't think about the pain.



Jill said...

Wonderful! So glad you are safely home and Anna Grace is doing so well.

Undercover-Princess said...

God is so good.

Waitingfaithfully said...

Look at your beautiful smiling girl! So happy to hear that she is recovering well and that she's enjoying the extra mama lovin'!



Barbie said...

These pictures were darling. My favorite has to be her staring into your eyes in the recovery room. What a beautiful moment. I am glad to hear you are home and that she is feeling great!!

And yes thankfully He is now and forever on the throne!!

Mom Of Many said...

I kept praying and wondering how little Miss was doing...so very thankful to hear and see the pictures...she is precious!

BTW, having read some of your blog, I am 100% confident you are going to love our story!! Promise!! (Money back guarantee - LOL!)

day by day said...

She is so sweet....I am happy you are all home and that her recovery is going so well!!!!

Ruth said...

So glad she is doing so good! Praying the healing continues to go smoothly!

Lisa said...

Praise the Lord.

Sherri said...

I'm so glad that she is doing well! I think you'll see her turn a corner in her attachment issues after this!


Aus said...

Ya know that the cool thing about God is? Generally He provides what you ask for....that's kind of amazing eh?

Yeah - looks like somebody bounced right back - thought that maybe you'd get a few hours of peace...but bouncing is good too!

Very relieved, feeling much lighter in fact - it's all good!

hugs -

aus and family

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Praise Him Ohilda! I love the picture where you are holding her tight just like a little baby. I know you will cherish those moments forever. Big hugs!

Keisha said...

So glad your Home baby girl!!!
Beautiful Smiles!!

Michelle said...

I just love to see all of the pictures of your sweet girl smiling. But you know my favorite of them all? The one in the second collage with you holding her and she is looking directly into your eyes. I just love it!!

I'm glad to hear she is doing so well after surgery. What a trooper!

Jill W said...

So glad to hear things are going well. Both the healing and the bonding. What a gift!

geminirn said...

OH WHAT GREAT NEWS,so pleased she is home and doing well.....it is wonderful that she is with out discomfort.

Holly said...

Ohilda, I love the pictures of her in your arms. God is at work! I really do want to talk with you sometime about attachment education and awareness. After our experience, I have become aware of many many families who were not aware of RAD or other attachment issues and adopted older children and many have disrupted. It is so heartbreaking for these families.
You have a lot on your plate right now but one of these days, I'd like to pick your brain!
I have given you an award on my blog. You SO deserve it.

tollesons4him said...

That is awesome that she is doing so great! I pray it continues :)

cheepette8 said...

So glad that Anna Grace is home and is doing well.

Rachel said...

You both are so beautiful! Praying for a speedy recovery for that precious little girl! :)

waiting4Isabella said...

Just now i've had alittle bit of time to read over your blogs. I am so glad that everything went well with anna grace's surgery, i knew it would. May the good Lord continue to annoint and bless this precious little girl of yours and may she grow up to know that every tear that she cried while she was young was so very well worth it - because then as an adult she will know in her heart that her mama never gave up on her and loved her with every fiber of her being.

Blessings to all of you, love me.

Lisa L said...

I am so happy to hear that Anna Grace is doing so well after her surgery. She is such a beauty and I can see a change in her in your recent pictures.

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