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Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Not Me Monday, again....yippeee!!!!

I did this last week and had such a great time, I thought I'd try it again. Join in on the fun! So, what didn't I do this week?

  • I did not buy a bag of peanut M & Ms while at the grocery store with the kids and I certainly did not tell them it was "spicy" so they wouldn't ask for any. How sad would that be?

  • There's no way that for my own entertainment, I would push my sweet 2 year old, AJ, into the pool to see if he'd like it. I knew he'd probably cry, and in no way did I think it was funny if he'd yell out, "Mama, no pushing!" as he doggie paddled to his Daddy. That would be so mean and I love my baby boy!

  • I did not lose the battery charger to my new Sony SLR camera. That would be completely irresponsible, therefore I would never do that. I also would never insinuate to Scott that he was the last one to see it, therefore it he must've been the one that lost it, because I know that is not true. He never touches my camera, and I would never accuse him.

  • I certainly did not sleep in both days this weekend and tell Scott that he should give up HIS day because on my morning he didn't keep the kids quiet and I kept waking up. I did not feel guilty when my sweet husband gave up his morning of sleeping in, so I could sleep late both days because he felt bad.

  • I absolutely did not change my hair color, including bleaching it, three times this week to the point that I had to run and have it all cut off this morning. No! I wouldn't do that because I know nothing about coloring hair and I think that having black, red and blond hair all in the same week would be terrible for your hair. Worse yet, there is no way that I had my teenage daughter assist in this task so that I could have someone else to blame for the disaster that became of my hair. I would never do something like that.(Pictures may not follow).


Jill said...

Ohilda!! I love it! I love it!!!!! KEEP IT REAL BABY!!!!
I have to admit I would like to see photographs of the hair!

Celine said...

Oh my! I looved the M&Ms one!
I laughed so hard at that one!
Thanks for that! :)

Weeksie50 said...

Oh, come on! No hair pictures? lol

Michelle said...

Oh, thank-you for the Monday morning chuckle..this is hysterical!! I especially love the
spicy M&M's lol!!!

I agree with the above comment...where are the pictures of your different hair colors?? : )

Jennifer said...

Great Not me's and I've never used the "spicy" trick either..lol

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh my we are soul sisters for sure! I have NEVER used that spicy line for candy either!

Kelly said...

Hilarious Ohilda!!! I have to say how ingenious about the spicy M&M's. You gave me a good laugh to start my week off and a good idea also!


Kameron said...

Tee hee! I always tell my boy that I am drinking "coffee" if I don't want him to have any. Now at 15 months the boy thinks all I drink is coffee!!

Ashley Griffin said...

I love the M&M thing. I have NEVER done anything like that!!!
BTW where did you get your mccain-palin button on your blog???

Katie said...

Oh come on you have to share hair pics! Plus, I to bought peanyut M&M's at the store this week but unfortunately I was not as smart as you and my kids ate most of them!

Aus said...

M&m's - clever, maybe even nefarious! We do wnt - nay - we DEMAND THE PICTURES!!

And to quote the on-line "chatters" - ROTFLMAO!!

Hugs -

aus and family

mommy24treasures said...

oh this wa a great post!:)\
hope your hair was salvageable. I messed mine up not too long ago but fixed it.
Pushed your baby in a pool though? oh my!;)

Nicole said...

LOVE IT!!! I missed doing it this week! AH!
please post pics!!!

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