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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Because you asked....

and because I'm not vain, I have decided that I will share the infamous hair pictures. (You thought I was kidding about my entry in "Not Me Monday?")

Without further ado, for your laughing viewing pleasure, here's my hair in the span of 4 days last week.

The week started off like this.....black hair.

I had the crazy notion that I could go blond (over the black when my roots started showing).

Ummm.... It didn't work! (insert the word: IDIOT!) Then I bleached it! Notice the YELLOW roots? Yep, nice, huh?!

So, then I colored it again. This time, it was all orange! And I mean "Carrot Top" orange!

Finally, I realized my calling in life is not to be a hair dresser. So, after a professional got of hold of me, this was the final result.

I believe that publicizing this embarrassing moment is definitely worthy of comments. So, go ahead. Finish laughing and tell me your thoughts. I'm ready! I'm a big girl. I can take it!

For those of you that say that the orange "wasn't too bad", I say, "LIES"! I know where you got that line from. My sweet (and lying) husband, Scott!


Lori Lynn said...

Awwwwwwwe. At least you were BRAVE enough to try something original on your own, and SMART enough to know when to enlist the services of a professional.

You look great and you are still a wonderful Mommy!

Lori W
who's not that brave or smart

Michelle said...

Oh my!! Ohilda, you really did go through the color wheel last week, didn't you? Thank you for sharing these photos with us. I have dark brown hair, so I like the first one, but I think your bottom, final color turned out great!! And O, keep that stylist on speed dial, ok? ;-)

Katie said...

Personally I think I prefer the shiny black. But then again I wish I had naturally dark hispanic hair. Well I guess thats just how the gene pool works sometimes right?

Tammy said...


You look wonderful regardless of your hair color. :) My 2 favorites are the one you started out with and the final result.


sara said...

oh you are so so brave!!!! I thought I colored my hair alot, but you win the cake!!! The final outcome.....gorgeous!!

Holly said...

Some things are worth paying for! ;+)
You look beautiful!

Sally- That Girl! said...

I have never tried coloring my own hair, so hats off to you for trying. You are brave to post those. Your honesty is what attracted me to keep following your blog. I wonder what is next.

Ruth said...

You are brave - first off for trying it on your own and then for posting :-) That is one thing I love about you is your honesty!
Thanks for the grin!

Anonymous said...

lol...ok i'm done. you know my ALL time fav hair on you was the dark red that was short in the back and long in the front i think that hair cut on you was very flattering.

Shanna said...

You SO crack me up.........and remind me of myself!! Not only have I colored my hair that lovely shade of orange, but I have also done it to my kiddos!!! That is SO MUCH worse!!!
You are still a hottie Ohilda :D
I really do like the final result.
I won't lie....you hair looked like sh*t that nice shade of orange. heh!
Hugs to you my friend!

Jennifer said...

You are too funny...and far more brave than I!

Suzy said...

I have dark hair, too, and it's tempting to change it. But then I remember how dark my eyebrows are and how I looked when they put my face in place of Kelly McGinnis's in the Top Gun poster. Nope. No thank you. Tooooo much maintenance. I think house plants require too much of a commitment so hair color is just plain out for now.

Sara said...

Oh the hair!!!! Oh well, it's just hair..that can always be "fixed" with a visit to a salon.....I bet you were their favorite client that day...ha ha :-) It's all good...hey, it's a reason to have some "me time" at the salon...no harm done :-)

Yes, come on LOA...we are on day 78 and I have read that 82 is the lucky number....but time will tell I guess. Carter just told me today (again) what Rescue Heroes he wants to show Quinn first and what book he wants to read to him...he even made him a picture board/poster with various things taped/stapled/glued/glittered etc....to it. He and Delaney told me they really want him home by Christmas.....oh I hope so!!!!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Too funny!!! Thanks for sharing....you are a brave soul!


Walker said...

sorry.. those pics were FUNNY!

Thanks for sharing you brave girl!
Braver than me.. whenever I get my hair colored.. I cringe when I go to a professional! (Cuz, I've had one of those bad colors before) Not a Good feelin!
love ya!

Michelle said...

You are so funny, Ohilda! And I am going to say it..the orange was not bad! Now, maybe the true orange was not showing in the pic...but from how it comes through...I like it.

My oldest daughter was going through hair dye crisis last week, too. lol!
Have a great Thursday!

Aus said...

Wow - you do have a lot of female readers - or at least commenters!

OK - first off - you got some guts to let the camera card live long enought for those pics to be saved! And you shared them with the world too - but then we already know that you are pretty tough!

Next - I'm with Scott on this one - the orange was kinda fitting to your personality (something of a firecracker?) - and I think it looks pretty hot!

Finally - OK - the brown is 'tamer' - and the style is good too - but you could get by with the orange! (and this is where the html tags won't let me do the big grin part!! not the mention the laugh track!)

Go girl!


aus and family

Kelly said...

Oh, I am not going to lie Ohilda, the orange was really, really bad! Ahhhhh yes, in the past I have had green hair, orangish-reddish-browish with a touch of green hair, and other colors that I don't even think are part of the spectrum of colors in this world. Over $100 later and a good stylist I had something that resembled a "normal" hair color. I feel your pain girl!!!

Jill said...

Ya know what?!?! It looks great! I admire your willingness to try something different! Live and learn!

Anonymous said...

Okay as always you always deliver, never a dull moment. I had to pick myself up off the floor from laughing, this reminds me of your bright idea lets make diaper cakes, why pay we can do them ourselves....til like 2 in the morning! Its okay you're still the best!

HaHaHaHa! Sorry no more laughing.



Anonymous said...

Okay as always you always deliver, never a dull moment. I had to pick myself up off the floor from laughing, this reminds me of your bright idea lets make diaper cakes, why pay we can do them ourselves....til like 2 in the morning! Its okay you're still the best!

HaHaHaHa! Sorry no more laughing.



Barbie said...

Ok, in all honesty I LOVE the final result. But you sure took a bumpy path to get there!! No, I am not too keen on the orange. :-) You are beautiful!!

Lisa L said...

LOL girl. BTDT! I thought I could save a few bucks with a $3 highlighting kit and it ended up costing $180 to fix. Yup, I had the day-glo orange hair too. Thank goodness no one took pics of mine though! ROTFL You'd look amazing with any haircolor because your light shines through.

The Byrd's Nest said...

You are very beautiful even in orange my dear friend.

Beverly said...

I am so glad I stopped by. You just prevented me from making a very bad mistake. I am so tempted to get a bottle of claire whatever and dye my hair but you have convinced me that I am not ever to do that. Love the final look. Very cute and youthful!

Sherri said...

I dyed Sarah's hair "chocolate cherry" last weekend. She has a TON of hair, and I ran out of dye before I finished the top layer of her hair. So we made another trip to the store for another box of dye, and now her hair is DARK reddish. She is happy with it, though.

My hairdresser says it's easier to go reddish than any other color when you're starting out with dark hair. So maybe next time, try for the reddish color.

But I think you look great! And I'm so glad you posted the photos!


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