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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some cute "AJ-isms"!

As I'm changing his diaper, AJ passes gas. The following conversation transpires:

ME: (with a surprised voice) AJ! What was that?!!
AJ: Mama, my butt was talking to you!

Daddy was wrestling with AJ on the bed, pinning him down and declaring himself a winner every time.

SCOTT: . ...and the winner is Daddy!
AJ: Daddy, no play anymore! (pouty lip protrudes from cute face)
SCOTT: AJ? You don't want to play with Daddy anymore?
AJ: Daddy is toooooooo big!

Proof that he indeed DOES listen to what we say.

ANNA GRACE: I want to go outside.
AJ: No, Anna Grace! You can't go outside.
ANNA GRACE: Why? (with whiney emphasis)
AJ: Because I said so! (heh....a common phrase used by us)

I can't tell you guys how much we adore this little man. He keeps us laughing all day. He is so sweet and loving, while throwing in a bit of a tempestous attitude and a little obstinance. He's definitely a PERFECT mix! I LOVE YOU, AJ!
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Stefanie said...

He's hilarious! AND adorable :)
How I LOVE boys :)

mommy24treasures said...

oh my Ohilda that is hilarious!

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