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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Congrats to a true star!!

David Cook is a true star and an American Idol.

David Cook originally set out to enter American Idol in Kansas City at the request of his younger brother, Andrew. Andrew had asked David to come along for moral support as he tried out for the show. The camera crew insisted that David also try out. Both brothers auditioned, only one made it, David. And he made it all the way to the top!

Tonight, after taking a beating from Simon Cowell last night, David Cook (much to everyone's surprise) was voted the new American Idol! And yes, Simon apologized to David this evening by saying that "he bordered on disrespect"!

I found out only last night that the "AC" initials on his guitar stood for his brother's name, Adam Cook, who at 37 years old is in the last stages of brain cancer. Adam traveled to Los Angeles to see David perform earlier on in the competition thanks to a radio station that raised over $40,000. to grant Adam's wish since he needed a medic plane and round-the-clock nurses. David's brother did have to stay home for the two day finale due to his condition.

I must say that God is so good in giving this family so much joy at a time when they are feeling so much loss. I really wasn't a huge Cook fan and have been cheering David Archileta on all this time, but tonight am so thankful that God filled this family with so much.

David appears to be a man of humbleness and integrity. My prayers are with the Cook family and I again, thank God that he allowed Adam his wish of seeing his brother be named this year's American Idol!

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