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Friday, April 25, 2008

School days.....

Monday morning our princess, Anna Grace, started preschool. I don't know who was more excited, she or Kai. I know that as I was getting her dressed and putting her bow on, I must've kissed and squeezed her 1,000,000 times. She would sweetly look at me and said, "Mama, Anna Grace come back. No cry." Now she giggles when I tell her "Anna Grace, Mama cried all day today." She then asks, "Why?" I say, "Because I missed you soooooooooo much" as I tackle her with hugs and kisses and she breaks out into a fury of laughter.

On the first day, she walked into the classroom, sporting her adored Hello Kitty backpack with Kai holding her hand. She gave kisses to AJ and I and was off to play with the many kids she already knew. I left still feeling her great big kiss on my face as the tears streamed down to my quivering lips.

This morning is her 5th day there and she loves it. She now wants to make sure I am missing her and says when I drop her off, "Mama miss Anna Grace, ok?" I, of course, do the pretend crying and she falls over in a burst of laughter. Every day I speak to their teacher and she tells me how much both she and Kai love school.

Kai's had a big of adjustment to deal with also. Their teacher told me he is definitely the "protective, big brother" and he does his role well, meaning she can't move without him being there. If anything small issue comes up with Anna Grace, he is the first one at her side. That's ok. I'm glad he's watching over his baby sister. She's got a pretty stubborn, little personality, so I'm sure he's not holding her back.

I always arrive before they are released from the classroom and as they turn the corner they both bolt towards me screaming, "Mama! Mama!" I can't imagine a sweeter sound.

I'm so very proud of how far they've both come. They are strong, resilient, and loving. I am in awe of the challenges they faced and all that they've been through and have come through it with flying colors. God is good!

In the meantime, I am spending time with my sweet baby boy who loves the one-on-one attention.
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My3Monkeys said...

Ohilda, they are soooo sweet! And that closeup of AG with the big smile is just gorgeous!!

Barbie said...

How precious to see them go off to school together! I just love reading about how far they have come!! God is so good. :-) And I am sure that alone time with your youngest is so special.

Ruth said...

How adorable. I love the pictures of Kai and Anna holding hands! Gives me a glimpse of my future!

Tammy said...


I have been waiting all week on an update. I had tears as I saw the precious pics and read your post about your sweet baby girl and her adorable, protective big brother.

God is Good!


The Ferrill's said...

Way to go Anna Grace....AND mommy! What a cute picture of them with their backpacks together! Sweet sweet sweet!
Ohilda I loved the video you posted below. What an awesome testimony!
And congrats to your daughter for making it as far as she did in the spelling bee...that's SO awesome!
And I certainly wouldn't have spelled tempest...see, I can't even spell it now! ;)

geminirn said...

SIMPLY PRECIOUS THE TWO OF THEM TOGETHER....AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!Love the photos and your description,they are all adorable!!

Walker said...

how sweet is that??? They are too cute!!

2China4Ayla said...

Oh my goodness, it just doesn't get any sweeter. Beautiful pictures and wonderful to hear again and again how good AnnaGrace is doing. I was just telling Jason tonight what a difference a year can make as our one year anniversary with Ayla is sneaking up on us. Life is good, God is GREAT!

Holly said...

You are such a wonderful Mother.
Your children see Jesus' love in your eyes every day!
Way to go! You are a champion- In HIM!!

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