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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 新年快樂

A belated Happy Chinese New Year to all! We took the little Asian kiddos to have their pictures taken this past weekend wearing their traditional Chinese outfits. They looked soooooooooo cute! Everywhere we went, people oooohhhed and ahhhed, and of course, asked if they were twins. (Don't fret about AJ not being in the pics, his birthday is coming up next month and his photo shoot is already scheduled!)

Unfortunately, our FCC group is very inactive and has only one event a year, a Chinese New Year party. It was held in January and we were not able to attend. I am so looking forward to moving to an area where these little ones can partake in celebratory events surrounding their heritage. Not being a naturalized American myself, I know the importance of staying connected to your roots and we try hard to allow Kai and Anna Grace the opportunity to do so.

So, without further ado, here are the studio pictures of our two Asian sweethearts and some of the hometaken pictures. Enjoy!


Peanut's Mommy said...

They are just beautiful!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

What two sweet little angels! They are getting so big! I can't believe how long Anna's hair it! I LOVE the pigtails! I wish you were closer to us. Our FCC group has at least one event a month and we have the best time!
Happy CNY!

The Byrd Family said...

What adorable pictures! They are really very beautiful!

waiting4Isabella said...
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waiting4Isabella said...
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waiting4Isabella said...

I am proud to say that those are my niece and nephew and yes aren't they beautiful. THANK YOU JESUS for those wonderful blessings.

I think I will go and steal some pictures and post them on my blog, he,he,he

Doug and Terrye said...

The pictures are beautiful!!! I'm sure you did turn plenty of heads with those precious children. :)

Terrye in FL

mommy24treasures said...

beautiful happy children :)

Becky said...

ohmygosh what a treasure chest full of gorgeous pictures!!!
and - I have a great idea!
Move to NYC! We have a wealth of cultural activities for everyone!!!!
xoxoxooxxo and LOVE!

Walker said...

Just Precious!!! I love the pictures!!! I've got to get Faith's done!!
As always...you have a beautiful FAMILY!! Thanks for sharing!!
Love & Hugs,

Stefanie said...

What fantastic pictures! They are just beautiful :)

Lin Lin & Ping Sang said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures!!


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