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Monday, December 17, 2007

You know you're a Mom when....

Okay! I thought this would be fun and I just know you guys have lots of these to share! Here are some of mine. Please take a minute and leave your own "I know" moments in the comments section!


......going to the grocery store, the post office, or Walmart consitutes "going out" and is something to be excited about.

......your daughter applauds when you go pee (and you feel a little proud about it)

......you have an overwhelming urge to say "look there's a firetruck!" and there are no children in the car!!

......the thought of eating mushed up, saliva and dirt stained toast brings tears to your eyes--because she's learning how to share!

......your 21 month old son spent yesterday looking supercool with spiked hair - not because I styled it - just maple syrup from breakfast.

.....you decide on what restaurant you are going to according to the children's menu.

....you are leaving the house and as everyone is walking out you ask hubby if he needs to go pee-pee! (Yes, it's happened!)

...."me time" means going to the bathroom with the door closed.

.....you negotiate who gets to sleep in on the weekends.

.....you eat cooikies in the bathroom in order to hide from little wide-open mouths standing before you going "Aaaahhhh".


Tammy said...

You know your mom when

......you don't think twice about telling your child to spit into your bare hand the chewed meat she has had in her mouth for the past 30 minutes , while those around you start to gag. ;)

.......while sitting at a red light you say "red means?????" Then realize you will not get a response because you are the only one in the car.

..........going to the door and getting a strange look from the delivery guy, only remembering much later as you pass by a mirror that you forgot to take the big sticker off your forehead that your child lovingly placed there hours earlier.

geminirn said...

how about when your sitting in the lounge at work having lunch and your co-worker has something on her chin,you lick your thumb reach across the table and wipe her chin......lol!!!!

This was a funny however sooo true post!

Monica said...

Oh these are all hilarious!

How about when you are sitting at a red light singing "If you're happy and you know it" and doing all the hand motions and you realize the guy in the car next to you is staring because you are the only one in the car!

waitingfaithfully said...

. . . you crawl under the door of a public restroom to lovingly "do a rescue", because little man said, "I can do it myself" but the lock is suddenly more than "Mr. Independent" can handle!

. . . you love the pictures he takes with his completely invisible digital camera, and will even wait to leave the house until he has retrieved the invisible camera to take to the store!

. . . You know you're a mom when your home is filled with the laughter of children, and your cup runneth over, yet your heart aches like crazy for the one still waiting for you in China . . .we'll be there soon baby girl!

Merry Christmas Ohilda, thanks for the smiles!

(We finally have an LID!! December 4th! We are counting down to Teddi!)

Charlotte (Kaylee's mommy) said...

A couple of more from my mommy tales:

You fuss at your daughter to be able to take a shower without her waiting at the shower door banging on the door, slipping things between the doors and opening it before you're ready but when you take one when she's asleep, it feels like something's missing and you still don't get to enjoy it.

You still look up at the baby mirror in the car when you're alone.

You talk out loud when you're by yourself because you're used to little ones always being around to listen.

You moan and groan because you share your bedroom with a two year old but your hubby teases it will be harder on you than her when she goes to her big girl room.

Your little one is with you so much and knows your routine that she lifts the toilet seat for you and runs for your slippers after you change her dirty diaper to take it to the big garbage can outside.

You try to eat fast to get to eat more of your meal than they do (after they insisted they were full and had to get down from the table).

and most important, you wouldn't have it any other way :)

Charlotte T., proud volunteer with http://www.untilallhavehomes.org

Ruth said...

The song stuck in your head is the Veggie Tales theme song!!!!!!!!!!!

These are all sooooo true!!!

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