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Friday, December 14, 2007

Blogger's Blur

Yes, folks. That's what I have, besides this miserable cold that Scott so kindly decided to share with now 4 of the 6 humans living in this house. Amanda is the only one saved from it. I guess if I had to choose one of us not to get sick, it would be her. Drama-mania combined with teen hormones is bad enough, but add a cold on top of that and it would be way more than I could handle right now.

Every day for the past 4 days I have sat down to recount all of the going-ons here. But, then the thought of having to think and lift my hands to type is more energy than I could muster. Slowly, the infamous "I'll do it tomorrow" thought creeps in and drags me back to the comfort zone of just clicking the mouse to continue surfing.

A few days ago, I tried so hard to beat this bug. I went on a Lysol rampage, which was induced by one of AJ's famous take-off-his-diaper and smear routines. I sprayed everything, everywhere. So, how did we all end up sick? I will share a quick moment I had with the 3 amigos the other morning.

When you run out of tissues and are curled up under a throw blanket on the couch, watching toys quickly cover every square inch of the floor, you'd think that one of the little persons here would be able to go to the bathroom and get some tissue so that I don't keep sneezing into my shirt (yes, gross...I know!). But, ahhh, yes. They can't. Why? Because I have gated them all in to my sleeping space. I do this for safety measures to be assured that I won't wake up to a house explosion or some other catastrophical disaster.

Hence, I finally drift off into a foggy sleep while I hear in the background AJ's loud and boisterious chanting begin. "Juice! Juice! Mama, Juice!" I reposition myself and cover my head hoping that the word "Mama" is not directed at me.

Then, the choir chimes in. "Mama! Mama! Mama, Juice! Juice! Juice!" The final, "Juuuuuiiiiiiiiiicccccccccceeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" could only be compared to sharp fingernails scraping across a chalkboard. I find strength from places I didn't know existed and open my eyes to peek thru the weaving of the throw blanket. There they are. The 3 of them. Just inches from my face in perfect harmony, screeching, "Juice!!!!!!!!!!, Juice, pleeeeaaaseeee!!!!!" I finally get up and make my way through the valley of toys. Stepping on dolls, cars and legos on my way to the kitchen, followed by the Fantastic Four (dog included). Everyone shoving and pushing their way to the front in order to be the first to be handed their sippy cup. Gosh, you'd think they'd learn by now that the one at the back of the line is the one I hand it to first, usually it's Anna Grace. Although, I must admit she has learned some pretty impressive elbow moves to get in there.

They each are handed their juice. The dog gets a Milk-Bone and I again, navigate my way through the sea of toys back to the couch. I find that sweet spot which is no longer warm, curl up, cover myself in order for them not to be able to even see me and try to drift off again. I have tried hiding in different places throughout the house in order to accomplish this, but all they need to do is follow the sound of the hacking cough. I digress.

Just when I get to that point where I start floating away into what I may think is sleep, I almost crawl out of my skin as I hear shrieked into my left ear, "Mama! Mama, Dora! Dora! Dora! Doooooooorrrrrraaaaaaaaaaa!!!" followed by little fists pounding on my back in efforts to try and wake the sleeping giant. Then, what seems like hundreds of little fingers tugging and pulling at my shield, I mean my blanket, all the while hitting notes that would leave Beverly Sills in awe of their abilities as they synchronize their chant of "DOOOOORRRAAAA!!!!!!!!" over and over and over again.

I finally give up and resign myself to the fact that it ain't gonna happen! I grab the remote, turn on the Tivo and start watching Dora and Santa's present, for the 25th time that day. Only to find myself just minutes later, being the only one watching Dora because the 3 of them (and the dog) have all fallen asleep, filled juice cup in hands.


Starla said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Starla

Monica said...

Bless you heart! I hope you all feel better soon! I love the visual of the three of them asleep with the juice cups...too cute!

geminirn said...

AWWW!I certainly hope everyone is on the mend by now,you must be exhausted,wish I lived closer to lend you a hand.

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