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Saturday, November 10, 2007

One more day...we hope!

Last night feeling lousy with Woody & Buzz keeping him company

The world's best Daddy (and hubby) arrived this morning bearing gifts!

How cool is that? A Nascar pinball machine.
He loved the lights! Playing with little hotwheels.
And of course, a monster truck with lights, sounds and remote control!
And the hit of the day.........his very own medical kit!
Hmmm.....Buzz needs a shot! Ok, Daddy. I guess I'll have a few sips since you were so nice to me.
The nurse listens to Kai's lungs while Kai continues working on Buzz.

Hey! A real patient! Thank you, doctor!!

Now, they're lining up. Daddy, you need new glasses.

Well, after a pretty rough night of moans, groans and tears, we made it through. Poor baby woke up every 1/2 hour, just miserable and in lots of pain. Finally at 2 a.m., I pulled him out of the crib and layed him next to me in the small little cot I had. He then was able to rest with the exception that whenever he tossed or turned, the monitors would go off, and when they didn't go off, the nurses were coming in to check his vitals.

Finally, the sun rose and before we knew it, the surgeon was checking him out. His palate is still intact (thank you, Lord!), which is the important thing right now. Otherwise, we'll be heading back here again. The bad part is that Kai was hardly drinking anything. Although I continue to nudge for him to take in fluids, I sympathize with the poor little guy, it's painful to swallow. So, the doctor decided we needed to remain in ICU another day. There is still a decent chance that we could go home tomorrow, but he has to drink, drink, drink!

I am married to the most amazing man in the entire world. Scott has had just about as little amount of sleep as I have, with the exception that he went back to the RM House last nght at about 11:30 p.m. I knew I'd be in for a rough night so I told him to get a good night's sleep and even sleep in so he could stay with Kai for a couple of hours while I got in some sleep the next morning.

This morning, at about 7:30, I was going to call him but I remembered telling him to sleep in, so I expected him back at the hospital around 10 a.m. Well, at 8 a.m., in walks Daddy, with an armful of presents (that he even giftwrapped!) for Kai and a grande caramel machiato from Starbucks for me! YUM!!!!!! He had woken up at 6 a.m. and went to Walgreens and picked up lots of toys that he knew his little man would love. He also got me the sweetest card. I am so very blessed to be married to this wonderful man.

Kai's eyes were the size of dinner plates when he saw presents. He quickly forgot all his pain and wanted to see what was in them. Well, we took advantage of the fact that he had motivation and milked opening the presents throughout the day. He'd have to drink juice and eat some jello and some soup. He did!!!

Right now, they have removed the hookup to the IV, although the actual IV is still in his foot because they need to continue giving him antibiotics through it. They have also removed the heart monitor leads and he only remains on the airway/respiratory monitor. Again, praise God, he has had no respiratory issues at all. I feel we can now breathe a sigh of relief about that aspect, normally if sleep apnea has not occured by now, it won't! :)

So, it's been a quiet day of hanging out. I did get over to the RM House and took a much needed 2 hour nap, shower and change of clothes, while Daddy manned the helm. I came back to the two of them playing doctor. Scott also downloaded about 30 different Dora the Explorer shows for Kai, so we have been singing in our brain all day, "Backpack! Backpack!" But that's ok. Things are looking up. Our little guy is feeling better and we continue to pray that we can go home tomorrow.
Enjoy the pics!

Since I wrote this in spurts again, Kai has broken out in another rash. Apparently, an effect from the codeine in Tylenol 3. Poor kid is 2 for 2 on getting rashes with narcotics. So, we are stopping the Tylenol 3 and hoping that his pain has decreased enough that it could be controlled with Motrin alone.


geminirn said...



Aiden's Mommy said...


You, Scott & Kai are in our thoughts and prayers.


Janette said...

I'm so proud of you KAI!! WAY TO GO!!

Of course I will continue to keep Kai in my prayers. I know as a mom your heart is at such peace now that the surgery is over and he is recovering so well. I'm so happy.

Monica said...

Ohilda, You are all in our thoughts and prayers! Here's hoping to a speedy recovery for sweet Kai and some much needed rest for you!

Carmen said...

Praying that Kai is on his feet and up and running again soon and that there is no need for pain medicine.

Sending hugs and kisses for Kai Kai and all the Bs.

Becky said...

So glad the surgery is over and here's to the end of Kai's pain.
A hubby with Starbucks in hand is MY kind of guy too...!!! Not to mention what a fab Dad he is.
Love to you, Ms. Mom on call 24/7.
I hope some deserved rest is in all your futures.

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