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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

1)Potty seat for each toddler: $10.00

2)Pull-up diapers to use during training: $12.00

3)Having them both run to you with pride-filled smiles because they both poopied in the potty: PRICELESS!!!!!!!!


Janette said...

Gross! ......... lol ....you kill me, but for sure they're catching on ... AWESOME. Good job Kia & Anna Grace :)

Becky said...

okay - I am thinking that picture with the picture of AJ in the crib with his poopy should be your holiday card. eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww.
but I know how proud they are and they should be.
Congratulations to Anna Grace for getting her citizenship certificate!!!!!
And the beach sounds wonderful. Can I come?

Jill said...

OH! I love it, love it, love it! Do you think that Anna Grace and Kai would be Sam's pen pals? He is NOT catching on to the potty training!! UGH! OH! I know, I will show him the photo of Kai and Anna Grace's EXTREME success to inspire him!!
Jill K

Tammy said...


I was NOT expecting that when I scrolled down, But the looks on their face is PRICELESS. :)


Charlotte said...


You don't suprise me at all ! Where are the rest of her clothes ? She reminds me of Raeghan running around. Trust me you will need a clothing rule, they get to be too darn curious at such a young age ! It was ok with 2 boys, but you got a girl home now ! Woo hoo !


Grace said...

Okay, I usually love reading your blog and I'm glad your kids are getting the hang of the potty training thing but I think the picture is really too much. I don't want to look at pictures of anybody's poop no matter how old they are.

Kelly said...

EWWWWW!!! Boy do they look proud of themselves. :o)


Bruce & Kendra said...

Well they're certainly productive! Nobody can accuse you of underfeeding them. You know what they say...three trains in, three trains out.

Bruce Burton

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