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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Thank you all for taking the time to let me know that ya'll still read this. Sometimes I wonder why, but with almost 200 people reading daily and almost 10,000 hits in the 3+ weeks that we've had Anna Grace, I guess the "why" doesn't matter. I just pray that the Lord continue to use me to glorify Him throughout the journey He has set before us.

I really try to answer emails and although I love blogging, it pretty much stinks that comments on blogs really aren't responded to. Sometimes, I get questions asked or comments that I would love to answer. So, this post, I am going back and answering or commenting on a few blog/guestbook comments.

Becky - "Just exactly what were you two little Missy's doing in the fridge?" - I don't know about Ily, but I was in the fridge because I do arm exercises by opening and closing the door!!....NOT! heh.

Carrie - (and others that leave me your blogs), I love them! Although my time is so very limited, and forget trying to read a book, I sneak over to my fav blogs whenever possible and see how the rest of the world is doing.

Kim P. - I am so thrilled you are soon bringing home your Lilly. I have bookmarked your blog!!

Lisa L. - I have been over to Loos Locos' blog and just LOVE to see your big family and all those smiles. Your Brady sounds like my Anna Grace and Tonya's Ayla. These feisty little ones are definite survivors and we can't help but admire their strength and courage.

Holly - Thank you so much for the info on the Chinese CD disks. She is truly understanding soooo much English that it blows me away. I have learned some basics such as I love you, it's ok, potty, Mama is here and a few others. I wish I had prepared a little more with the language ordeal, but was told many times over that it was "no big deal" with a toddler. Live and learn. :)

Becky - Oh, how I wish I could say that at least one of those beautiful smiles of Anna Grace's were directed at me. :( Not yet.


Charlotte said...


I respond to you all the time ! Love the new picture of all the kids ! I need some prayers and some $ too, please pass on to everyone I need some help to bring my little girl home !


mom2-4boys said...

Looking at your new pictures your family is beautiful they sure are blessings. You are so strong and such a commited mother, you just continue to amaze me.

Tracey and family

Holly said...

The day will come when her smiles ARE for you. The day will come upon you before you know it and all of the tears and hard work will be but a dim memory in the glory of that smile that says, "I love you Mama. I trust you now."
God is faithful.
Holly (whose baby boy turned 20 months old in China today- well yesterday actually China time!)

Kelly said...

I am still here reading!! We headed out on a two week vacation while you were still in China. I even commented to DH on the way home that I was looking forward to seeing how things were going for you when I got home. I know that smile it coming, it is only a matter of time! She is so adorable!

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