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Friday, July 6, 2007

4th of July fun!

Cool Slideshows!


Janette said...

Loved the slide show. I can't get over how CUTE AJ is .... he's so kissable!!!! I had a smile from ear to ear when I saw the picture of Anna Grace with the glasses. She looks so HAPPY!! Kai, well, he's in a league of his own, he is Mr. Hollywood Star. Let's not forget Amanda, wow she's so beautiful and boy can she flash a million dollar smile.
Thanks for sharing the wonderful slide show.

Mom of 5 said...

They are so cute !!
You should be proud !

Becky said...

ohmygosh, O - loved the pictures! I know you don't have a minute to do anything and yet I so count on you for your pictures and family tales!
soooooooooooo cute -
The picture of Anna Grace by herself in her 4th of July dress is exquisite - I'll bet her SWI would LOVE that one!!!!
Sending many hugs -

Journey to Lilly! said...

Ohilda, I have spent about an hour reading your blog. You have a beautiful family! Anna Grace is just like you said a precious diamond! Thank you for sharing the ups & downs of bringing Anna Grace home. I am leaving for China the 17th to get my Lilly. Your story has been very encouraging to me ....even though things may not be perfect you can see small steps of progress! I admire your strength throughout the whole journey. I can only imagine how full your hands must be. My favorite picture is of you holding Anna Grace's face... I think at the orphanage? Very precious!! & the story of dinner out is too funny!!! Definately a memory for life!
Bless you & your family,
Kim Pintaro

geminirn said...

OH I JUST LOVE ALL THESE PRECIOUS PHOTOS!!!!What a wonderful family you have,I won't bother telling you how blessed you are...I believe you already know.

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