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Friday, August 13, 2010

We tried!

I attempted yesterday to take the little ones out for a photo shoot in the yard. The heat index here was 105. Poor things! They tried so hard. But, between the sweat dripping down their little faces and the sun in their eyes, they were miserable. We ended up having an afternoon of fun in the pool. Then, everyone was happy, that includes Mama!



Grabbing a flower for Mama. ::sigh::


He cracks me up every day with his antics!


On your mark. Get set. Go!!!!!!




Two of my happy babies! (Notice how Anna Grace is towering over Kai. She's 75 percentile in height on the American charts!!)


Someone tell this little guy he HAS to stop growing up!


It's so great to be little!


The Triple Terrors!


My precious Chinese princess!!!


"Pleeeease Mama, when can we go in the pool???"


" You said CHEESE, Mama? I thought you said, "SQUEEZE"!!!"


Always happy!


So cute with those glasses on!


Playing with Fred, our pup.


These little ones are three huge blessings born in my heart.



And lastly, I added this one in (it was taken a couple of months ago) just because I loved it.

kids order

Four of my six blessings.

Pool pictures coming soon!!!! Hope you enjoyed these. They sure are growing fast! Too fast!


Terynn said...

Wow!!! These are GREAT, especially considering the circumstances. I think the "read, set, go" shot is my fave.

I'd say, give the a day in the pool AND a popsicle!

Thanks for sharing. :D

Christine said...

They look great to me!

Jill said...

Wonderful photos!

Holly said...

Adorable treasures!! I have missed you O..so glad you are up and blogging again! and homeschooling the littles! What fun! Josiah is starting kindergarten homeschool even though he is not old enough for the public school...he thinks that is WAY cool!
Off to bead..for Elaina :)
love you,

Alycia said...

Loved the hot and sweaty pictures!
They were really good sports weren't they?!
They sure are getting big!
Blessings to you all,

Kim said...

Oh my, Ohilda! Those pics are just toooooo cute! They are all just beautiful! I can not believe how grown up they look! I love Anna Grace's glasses! I LOVE the last pic of the 4 kids!! Aren't we so lucky and BLESSED beyond measure to have these precious kiddos in our lives?? I can not imagine my life without them!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful kiddos! <3 you!

geminirn said...

just checking in to get caught up..........and soooo glad I did.What adorable little munchkins,I can't believe how much they have grown and the height in AG....WOW!Oh and the glasses just add to her beauty....just precious!
Hugs from Canada

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