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Monday, March 22, 2010

I Couldn't Love You More!

Four years ago today, God blessed us with the most amazing gift, our beautiful youngest baby, AJ. He took us on an emotional rollercoaster that taught me humbleness and humility. But most of all, he taught me how a mother can have such a deep profound love for a child that was not conceived in her womb, but instead, in her heart.

If you've not yet had an opportunity to view our miracle baby's birth video, CLICK HERE!


Oh, how blessed you've made our lives, AJ!
One of my favorite pictures!

Happy baby!

Hurry Mama, before I fall over!

All boy!

An animal lover from birth.

Awww, Mama. He's so cute!

I'm driving...you want me to smile?

That ornery little look that I love!

Move over, Frankie. AJ's the new crooner in town!


Pure joy and love!

AJ, we love you with everything we have and thank God and your birthmom for the priceless gift of YOU!


Patricia/NYC said...

I LOVE seeing how your precious baby boy has grown through the years!! God bless you & your beautiful family!

P.S. I think of you every Monday as I sit down to watch 24!!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a beautiful birthday boy. He is precious. Happy Birthday AJ.

geminirn said...

OH MY FOUR YRS. Wow how I remember that post(it was the first time i had been on your blog......well it was you were preparing to get sweet Kai),i can't believe how fast the time goes and how quickly they grow.I love seeing just how much he has changed with each photo........HAPPY FOREVER FAMILY DAYS GUYS!

Shanti said...

Oh, he is SUCH a beautiful boy! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures of just how much he has grown!

Carmen said...

What sweet pictures. AJ has mischief written all over his face.
What a blessing he is.

Happy birthday AJ!

Terynn said...

What a ride, huh? I thought you were a NUT when I read the story of AJ joining your family. A loveable NUT. :D

But, oh my! This boy was knit together to be you and Scott's blessing, for sure.

I pray his birthmom feels God's presence today. And I pray many happy family days for years to come.

Aus said...

Happy Gotcha Day AJ (and all you guys - it's really a FAMILY celebration!)

(and it's been 4 years that I've been reading you? dang am I feeling old at the moment!)

hugs - aus and co.

The Ferrill's said...

Sweet A.J....you stole my heart, too!
Miss you Ohilda! I pray today you will be very blessed and encouraged....

Lanny said...

What sweet pictures! He has a very distinct and loveable little smile!

Jill said...

Thanks for sharing these Ohilda!! Loved watching AJ "grow"....
:) Such precious pictures!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Thank you Jesus for this precious child and his family:)

Kristy said...

Oh Ohilda what a beautiful post, your killin me, I am a sappy mess!!!

Love you bunches, Kristy

Angie said...

Precious, precious boy! Such a blessing!

Angie in TX

David and Sarah said...

What a darling boy! Happy Birthday to your precious treasure.


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