"Once our eyes are opened, we cannot pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act." Proverbs 24:12

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”- William Butler Yeats

Monday, January 25, 2010

there are no words to describe....or are there?

Neglect, carelessness, chaos, delay, delinquency, dereliction, dilapidation, forgetfulness, lapse, laxity, laxness, limbo, neglectfulness, negligence, omission, oversight, pretermission, remissness, slackness, slovenliness.

There's a few for ya.

Yep, those are words that appropriately seem to fit most how I have treated by beloved blog and beloved friends.

I could give you all a whole heap of excuses, but I'll spare you.

I wonder, are there even any of you left out there reading this?

I owe many of you emails, phone calls, blog visits and well, just owe you. Period.

I am really gonna try to get back on the blogging track. Really.

I miss it AND

I miss you!


Shanna said...

awww honey, haven't we all had down times with our blogs?? I thought about deactivating mine last week, then decided to just go private. Well, I attempted to go private but havent figured it out!

There is a season for everything... I'll be here when you get back into the bloggy world!Hugs to you and your sweet family~

Denise said...

Yes I am still following!
I closed up my blog because I felt like all I did was complain. I am going to reopen it soon and tell all that has transpired since I closed it in August! I miss reading your blog but I understand how it goes! Praying God is walking you through any trials and I will still be here when you come back :) I know I never post much but I've been a silent reader for a long long time!

God Bless
Love Denise in Michigan
(who is hopefully going to be a mommy of 6 real soon!)

Jill said...

HEY! Stuff happens and there is so much that is more important! I have been in a burn out stage for a bit and need to get re-energiZed!!

Looking forward to your blog posts dear!

Shanti said...

everyone knows life happens! hope you're doing ok!

sara said...

we all hear...but can I say..less time on farmville and more time on blog! ha!

can NOT wait for 24 tonight!!!!

Jill W said...

I hear ya! Just know that we are still here rootin' for you :)

Patricia/NYC said...

Life happens when we are blogging, right? Heaven knows I'm in a dry spell myself with "stuff" going on...no worries, my friend! Just know that you are missed & thought about! Looking forward to more posts from you!

(And 24 TONIGHT!)

The Ferrill's said...

Ohilda...NO NEED to apologize! You've had a LOT going on lately and you have been in my prayers...ALL of you!
Wish I could give ya big hug!
Sending love from AL!

Leslie said...

No worries! :) I'm glad you're back though. I love hearing about your beautiful family and what GOD is doing for you! isn't he just amazing!

Kristy said...

First thing I will always follow as long as you will have me! Second you know what it is???? We are on Facebook too much, I have neglected my blog horribly and its because I am on FB too often!!! lol

Love you, Kristy

La Familia Garcia said...

Yup, we've been there too. But that's the great thing about blogging. It's not an obligation.

nicole_dib said...

Hey... It's been a while for me also. I have to agree with some commenters that FB is taking up my time. But my blog was originally designed as an online scrap book for my boys... i need to get back to posting! Hope you are doing well!!!

Tracy said...

We miss you too. Still praying.

Holly said...

My first thoughts have already been spoken by others....to everything there is a season.
Whatever has been going on in your life...your trial...season of testing...well, it has made you prioritize. Nothing to apologize for sister. We all miss you and love you.
You do what you need to do.
I know FB has taken many good bloggers away ;)...one of the reasons I don't LOVE it...how can a short status sentence now and then replace the power of BLOGGING? (sigh) I guess change is difficult for me!!

Lanny said...

hey, no words and no excuses necessary. But it was nice to pop over and see that you are hangin' in there. Take care. And just to let you know, I am working on those stories you requested I let you know when I've got them done and up.

The Byrd's Nest said...

It is not necessary to visit any of us....you have a family.....your family has many needs right now....I love you Ohilda:)

Karrie said...

I will always look on your posts as treasures... rarity does not diminish
the quality of that gift. ((Hug))

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