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Monday, October 19, 2009

the kids and just a little bit 'bout the wedding!

We arrived home late last night to no phone service, which equaled to no internet. Finally, this morning the internet and phone were up and running.

Kai arrived at the wedding with 102 degree temp. Through your prayers and God's grace, it quickly went down to 99 and remained that way until we arrived back at the hotel at almost 11 p.m. The boy danced and par-tayed like it a monster!

Today we are home with Kai, still with a temp around 99. Anna Grace is up to 102 and my sweet hubby is at 101 (but trooper that he is, went to work anyways.) AJ, Amanda and myself have been spared.

Kai is feeling much better and will probably be back at school tomorrow.

Now onto what you really want to hear about.

The wedding.

It was magnificent, beautiful and went through without a hitch!

I could not have been a prouder Mama of every single one of my blessings, including our new daughter, Gloria. Who, by the way, looked radiantly beautiful!

But, I could not do it justice without providing the momentous event with it's own post and lots of pictures.

So, hang in there for just one more day to give me time to upload pics in between taking temperature readings.

I promise it will be worth it.


Jill said...

ON NO! NOT more illness at your house. I am SO thankful it did NOT keep any of you from the wedding and despite fever Kai could party and have FUN!

Will look forward to seeing photos!
I am hoping to do the same for posting tomorrow. Have not gone through all the photos yet!!!

Will pray for COMPLETE healing for your entire household!

Starla said...

So sorry to hear about more fevers....hope all are well soon. And I guess we can give you one more day to post pictures. I can hardly wait to see the kiddos all beautifuled up!

Barbara A. said...

Oh I am so happy to see you posted. Was getting a little worried about that Kai boy!! Sounds like the wedding was dreamy, can't wait to see pics. Take care of all your sick babies, including Scott!!
God Bless!! Barbara

Sherri said...

So sorry to hear about all the fevers going on in your home. Here's to wishing everyone to be healthy again!!

Amy said...

Oh so sorry to hear about your poor sick pups, but so happy to hear the wedding was all that you all hoped for!

Prayers for quick healing in your home...

Can't WAIT to see the photographs from Tito and Gloria's blessed day! (Between yours and Jill's, there will be much blog buddy JOY! to view tomorrow!!! Yippee!!!)

(((Get Well Hugs))) to the Bombardier babes (big and small!)

sara said...

oh my gosh you have been through it with the illnesses!! You certainly deserve a break!!!

praying for quick recovery and good health for everyone.

Can't wait to see the wedding pics!!!

David and Sarah said...

So glad that everything went well. Praying for healing for your whole household.


TanyaLea said...

Can't wait to see the photos! Praying that your family is feeling better soon. I've been fighting the same stuff since last Thursday. YUCK...no fun spending the last 5 days in bed! My heart goes out to all of you!!


Aus said...

Hey friend - not to correct you - but 'they were spared last time' - it's just their turn in the barrel - but I'll bet those of you that were down don't get it again, it's a one time and out thing!

And OK - I'll give you a break because the phone AND 'net were down - but not having the wedding pictures up here is just.so.not.fair! ;)

Hugs and prayers that all the rest of the clan recovery quickly!

aus and co.

Karin said...

Soooo relieved that Kai was able to attend the wedding and have fun. I was thinking about him all weekend--and praying he didn't have piggy flu. :) So sorry some of you are sick AGAIN--but glad the wedding went well. Can't wait to see the photos!!

geminirn said...

CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THOSE PHOTOS!!!Glad to hear all went well,hope all the fevers will be gone by morning.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Sounds like the swine flu has returned to your home! Marissa had a temp of 105.4 after tylenol, motrin and bath so off to the dr we went and returned with tamiflu and reg. flu diagnosis. Hope everyone gets well quickly and you don't get it. Glad it did not ruin the wedding. Can't wait to see pictures. Doesn't everyone love a wedding?!?!

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