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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Spreading Christmas Joy!

It's been really chilly here the past couple of days, putting us even more into the Christmas spirit. We've been talking daily during Advent not only about the reason for the season, the birth of our Savior, but about Christmas being a time of giving.

Yesterday morning, the little ones along with my big elf Amanda, made special Christmas cards. Baked some Christmas cookies and packaged them up to deliver them to our local firemen.

Not only do these men work very hard to protect us, but they are so great with kids. The little ones walked in with their packages and loudly wished all that they encountered a "Merry Christmas".

The firemen oooohhed and aaahhhhed over how much they loved cookies, and the little ones beamed with pride when they told them that they had been the ones to bake them, not Mama.

One of the men asked if they wanted to go inside the trucks. It took all of .5 second for them to yell out, "YEEEESSSS!"

We spent a half hour there asking lots of questions, getting lots of answers, and putting little hands into motion as they tried out every gadget they could reach.

Finally, they left as official firefighters with badges and hats. But more importantly they left with little hearts filled with the knowledge that when you give, God blesses you tenfold, even if it's through tours of firestations!









waiting4Isabella said...

WOW - how awesome is that.... That is one thing that these kiddos will never 4-get... it brought tears to my eyes and I bet those firefighters went home and told their families about your 4 awesome kids... You are one blessed mama.... And not to mention I am one blessed AYI & Madrina.... Oh how I love all of those kiddos...

Jill said...

WONDERFUL!!! What an awesome way to serve!
LOVE the photos Ohilda!
MERRY CHRISTMAS from my house to yours!!
With love,

Sherri said...

Wow, what great pictures and something those children will never forget. Sam, loves fireman - I tried to get a fire truck to come to the house on his 5th birthday, but they wouldn't do it.

Merry Christmas!!


He & Me + 3 said...

What a blessing your family was to those fire fighters. That is an awesome idea. We may have to do that next year. Awesome that they got a tour out of the deal too.
Merry Christmas!

Patricia/NYC said...

What a FABULOUS blessing for the firemen & for you & your sweet kiddos!!! GREAT idea!!

day by day said...

How cute, Ohilda!!!!!

I don't know....I always have to laugh when I hear you Floridians talk about chilly/cold. lol! We are in the 20's now with lots of snow on the ground. Boo Hoo!
I SO want to move down south and share your kind of chilly!!!! I am getting too old for this cold stuff. hee hee!

Merry Christmas to you, my friend!!!


Aus said...

Morning - that was a cool thing for you to do for the gang at the firehouse....and Engine 51....there are stories about them (OK - maybe not 'your' engine 51 - but still...)

Thanks for thinking about those in service this time of year - we're greatful!

hugs to all for us -

aus and co.

Jill W said...

That is just too cool!

David and Sarah said...

Very sweet!

Shanti said...

love it! we did the same thing at our house!!

The Ferrill's said...

Merry Christmas to your beautiful family, Ohilda!
I'm still lifting you up in prayer!

Amy said...

What blessings...all around. What sweet kiddos and a sweet momma to be so thoughtful.

The pictures are a treat to behold, O'!

Wishing you and your precious family a Very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of JOY!

Love you!

geminirn said...

Now how very thoughtful,what a fantastic way to say thank you....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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