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Monday, November 16, 2009

Psstt...wanna do something really cool?

UPDATED 6:25 P.M. Just got home to over 40 different families requesting addresses....YAAAAYYY, GOD! I think I have sent the address to everyone that has requested. If you have not received an email from me, then I didn't receive it. Please let me know. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

PS. Some of you have asked if you could share it with your families or friends or post a link on your blog or FB, etc. That would be great. PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO PUBLICLY POST HIS ADDRESS ON ANY SITE!

I can't wait to hear Holly's report from her hubby when they start pouring in!

I have been blessed by an amazing adoptive, homeschooling, God-loving, military wife, and Mama to participate in a very cool project . Her name is Holly from Purpose Driven Family.

You all know how much we appreciate our military troops and their families. So, when Holly wrote and asked if we could do this, I not only said, "Yes!", but immediately asked her if it would be okay to pass it on!

She said, "Yes!"

I am so excited! I just know that you, my readers, would love to join in, but would also help spread the word so that her hubby, Tony, who is in Iraq serving our country, will not only be flabbergasted because it's his birthday, but will know (as if he didn't already) how crazy in love his wife is with him and how special she wants this birthday to be.

You see, last year during his birthday, this family was going through one of the most difficult trials God has ever placed before them. Tony and Holly spent his birthday in tears and prayer. No air of celebration.

This year, as God would have it, although there is peace in their hearts, they find themselves thousands of miles apart with Tony celebrating his 36th birthday in a war zone.

Now here's where YOU come in!

Holly has asked for help by "blessing him with cards!"

She wrote, "Like in the mail kinda cards! They can be cheapy blank cards...no need to spend big bucks. I just want to surprise him...letting him know that people all over the place CARE about his service and want to bless him on his birthday.

His b-day is Dec. 8th and while his APO address will allow you to send the card with a simple stamp just as if you were sending it within the US...it still takes TIME to get there...so the cards need to be send by Nov. 21st to be safe!

Some will show up early and some late...so it will be an ongoing blessing :)

If you don't know Tony personally, you can just say "I'm a friend of your wife's and wanted to say thank you for serving and our family just said a prayer for you"
or something similar!

If you have kids and they want to draw in the card or something...that would be great!

You can include a family picture or your blog site if you have one...I just want him to be floored that so many people actually really do CARE about his sacrifice!

December was such a painful month last year...I want it to be a month of BLESSINGS this year even if we can't be together as a family!

So- please....send my husband a card and a word of encouragement for his birthday!

Pretty please!! And Thank you!!

Can't wait to see how God moves through YOU."

So friends, how about we blow the socks off this soldier and show this family how much they mean to us and how much their sacrifice is appreciated?

If you'd like to participate, please EMAIL ME and I will send you his address right away. How cool would it be for him to receive hundreds of cards from all over the world?



La Familia Garcia said...

Oh, I hope you get a chance to listen to Focus on the Family today! you will be blessed!

Holly said...

THANK you so much my friend. I am again in tears. God has been so good to our family in every trial and he's multiplied our joys and divided our sorrows!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Erin said...

Done. I pray he will feel God's love for Him in all the cards that come in!

Terynn said...

Squeeeeal!! I have goose bumps! ahaha

Thanks for doing this Holly and OBaby! I will be glad to participate!!!

Love, love, love...

Bob said...

OH! I am already IN on this one! We are joyfully preparing some birthday cards!!
Ohilda! You rock!

Aus said...

Mailed this morning complete with pictures from the girls!

hugs - aus and co.

Kristy said...

Ohilda I know that I am late but please send me his address and I will send him a card just telling him how much we appreciate him.

Love you and God bless you for doing this.

Love, Kristy

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