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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

you can't smell that?

While I really try to keep my political opinions (I know some of you are laughing) out of my blog, with the exception of my passion for protecting the sanctity of life, there are times when I am just scared witless of what our future holds with Obama ruling governing our nation.

As the Government, not-so-slowly, is taking over banks, corporations and our freedoms, this morning's headlines made me think that THIS post and THIS post aren't as far-fetched as many of you may think. I grew up surrounded by exiles that watched a country move from very hard economic times with it's people searching for hope and change into what today, almost 60 years later, has become one of the most oppressed countries in the world. Where the freedoms we take for granted in the U.S., are now unknown to most of the generation that lives in Cuba today.

Why? Because of an ideology that believes that there should be social and economic equality. Remember President Obama's famous words, "we should spread the wealth"?

My heart hurts. It's happening right before our eyes and we are blinded because our country is hurting. We are seeking hope and change in all the wrong places. Giving the government more power is taking away our liberties, worse yet, our children and grandchildren's liberties.

When the media reports from "INSIDE" the White House and journalistic powers are given to the government, the only word to describe the reporting coming from within is propaganda.

Today's headlines?

Propaganda to push government-run health care, besides the killing of babies, is Obama's other most important endeavor in taking away our freedoms.

When will the country turn their eyes upward and start bending their knees to the real hope, the real man, the only one who we know CAN CHANGE our lives? I hope it's not too late.

By the way, for those that didn't get the title.....the smell is very distinct. It's called:



sara said...

I was just "sniffing" this morning myself. well said, Ohilda!

Undercover-Princess said...

Good old socialism...and the new word for it: progressive movement.

He And Me + 3 said...

Unfortunetly, I smelt it a long time ago when he was running. I am so saddened & a little frustrated with the Christians that voted for him. Is that wrong of me?

day by day said...

Although the subject of this post is so alarming and not at all funny...YOU always make me laugh. And, hey....this is YOUR blog....don't ever feel the need to keep anything out of it for the sake of other viewpoints. I love your heart!!!

p.s.....got your e-mail about August. I am working on it. I work on Sundays...so seeing if I can figure something out there.

love ya!

Terynn said...

I am also scared witless!

I absolutely NEVER thought in my wildest nightmare, that in my lifetime, in a matter or MONTHS, I would see the absolute decline and take over of our country. The reason it has happened (IMHO): the absolute dumbing down of the masses.

We are completely unaware of our country's origins and the rights afforded us in the brilliant foundational documents, written by the country's forefathers, based on Judeo-Christian values.

Our children are not taught WHY we are a nation, set apart, a beacon of light and freedom and dreams. Our mission statement. Our purpose. No, they are taught to be ashamed of America, embarrassed of her wealth and success. And apologetic...

They are not taught that we, the people, are to govern ourselves, make our own fortunes (or not), and are to determine our own course.

No, today, the people have no tolerance for suffering, for delaying gratification, for taking personal responsibility for their station and condition in life. They look to the government to do all for them: feed, clothe, house, doctor, govern, soothe and inspire them.

The things God created for man to do, through toil and suffering and personal reflection/relationship with their Savior, is replaced by a desire for ease and sloth and a belief that they are entitled to receive something for nothing.

I am in no way an alarmist, but Christ called us to be discerners of the times. Things are not well, here in America. And I, personally, fear far worse is to come.

We are preparing our hearts, spirits and minds (and other practical matters) for the likelihood that this is going to get much worse. We are alternatively praying and worrying, worrying and praying. But, the die appears to be cast.

All nations rise and fall. This is historical and Biblical. I had just so hoped...

Holly said...

Teryn said it well.
Oh Jesus.
Your will be done.

Jill said...

I am laughing at your "keeping political thoughts to yourself" BUT, BUT, BUT...I SO value your thoughts on these topics Ohilda!
It is a bit strange to say, but in my life here...with Yo Gabba Gabba and kid activities I am often OUT OF THE LOOP about our world...on some levels ignorance is bliss but on a BIGGER level I need to be aware so I can PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!!

Mamma to 5 said...

I so agree with you. My DH works for General Motors, so we know well how the government is "influencing" things....

Aus said...

Oh Ohilda - couldn't agree more! In fact - my bride feels so strongly about it that for Christmas she bought me my very own AR-15A. OK - I have a practical need (my bad guys seem to be better armed today than in the past!) but - I'm waiting for him to start chipping away at all of the constitution!

hugs - aus and co.

Jewels of My Heart said...

I am sitting here trying to think of something to say..... the somber truth of the matter is that it breaks my heart. Men and women have died to protect our freedom. Yet so many have given it away as they cast their vote for a man who proclaims to be a Christian yet his ideologies are about as far from God as you can get.
They cast their vote for a man who claims to be a patriot yet he would cripple our nation and it's people with a ruling government that is flooding into all aspects of our everyday life. Yes, many Democrats have tried for decades to completely turn our country into not a nation of free will, free enterprise and freedom... but one of socialism. They have finally succeeded. And the minions just keep flocking to this man that they hold in such high esteem. This man that gives Israel ultimatums while he courts the the nation of Islam. This man who says the United States of America is a Muslim nation. This man who walks into a room with a swagger not unlike John Wayne but he is NOT the Duke! This man who TELLS the American people what we need not asks us what we want.
Yes, God is on the throne..... He is bigger than our president! However as a nation we have mocked Him, blasphemed Him, turned from Him and He loves us enough to give us what we have been begging for! And so the American people and their freedoms, their liberties are fast being led to the slaughter house. I pray for our country, our freedom, our president.... I pray for God's continued mercy to be upon us. One day my friend, if things do not start going in a different direction we very well may be cell mates for taking a stand for our God and His truths, (soon we will be legally labled as hate monggers) for having the audacity to exercise our freedom of speech.
Yes, America..... HARD times are coming! I pray it will lead us closer to Jesus and that we will turn from our sinful, prideful, self serving ways and repent.
May America bless God.
(ok, couldn't really think of anything to say. lol I am like you..... once I get started I just cannot stop myself.)
I love you sister and am so thankful that there are God fearing, God loving, Americans that have the conviction and courage to speak out for what is true and what is right.
Love you

RamblingMother said...

he is very VERY scary. I don't understand how the general public doesn't understand or see it!

Love your post on Anna's 2 year. I am trying to catch up. G doesn't understand acting either, too funny. Love the pics.

Cyndi said...

Ohilda...can't begin to tell you the mass of feelings I have after reading this. You see, I live in Norway, which most people don't know is a socialist country. I have to deal with socialized medicine, socialized everything. I have lived here for 2 years and am intimately entrenched in my socialist environment, because I have to be. We DO NOT want this for America. I know that plenty of people can throw out that word "Socialism" and turn up their noses to the world..but honestly, unless you have lived in it...you really don't know. Socialism is great...on paper. In reality, it is not a way of life that I would want to have in my home country. Our sales tax here is 25%...on everything. Dr's are not revered...they are paid the same as plumbers. There is no real reason to give good service. The workers are paid a flat rate. The school buses are run by the city (for my kids' international school) and never run on time. There is nothing they can do about it. They don't care. Wait staff at a resaurant? No good service because they don't work for tips...they get paid regardless. Healthcare...I could write a book on how dangerous it is to have health issues here.
I think that we are still pretty far from true socialism in the U.S....but the slant in that direction can be seen easily even from here...where all I do is read the news from America on the internet. Ugh.

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