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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun with The Ferrills

Adoption has not only changed my children's lives, but it has changed ours in just about every aspect. The rapport between adoptive families is something that is almost indescribable. We all share an unspoken bond that transcends the fact that many of us have never physically met. So, when we actually do get to meet another adoptive family, especially one that lives hundreds of miles away, it just makes it even more special. Isn't God awesome how he can bring strangers together and make them feel like they've known each all their lives?

Monday morning, I packed the van, packed the kids and headed to Orlando, three hours away, to meet one of my favorite families, The Ferrills. They absolutely blessed my socks off!

This beautiful, God-loving, homeschoolin' Mama of seven, with the sweetest southern accent you could ever imagine, made our rain-drenched day sunny.

Then there's the children. Oh my! I don't know which one I could possibly claim as my favorite, because they were each sweeter than the next. Almost edible. Really. And polite is an understatement. Kudos to their parents for doing such an amazing job! They all ran to the door to greet us when we arrived. I tell ya, when I grow up, I wanna be like Laine!

The two youngest, Kimmie and Quan, were even more precious than I imagined. Quan is a little replica of Kai, except much more sedated (although Laine disagrees) and Kimmie is a beautiful, little lady. I could've easily packed them up and brought them home with me!

Candace, the lastest addition to the Ferrill family, just grabbed my heart and ran with it the minute she flashed me one of her smiles! Boy, oh boy...Mr. Ferrill better keep that shotgun by the front door with these girls living there.

Next is the most adorable red-head I've ever met, Carlie. She was so kind and welcoming, immediately sharing her toys with our little ones.

Then there are the two boys, Clay and Colby, ages 9 and 11. What perfect little gentlemen. Some day those boys are gonna make some very lucky ladies proud.

And last but not least, Amanda's newest buddy, Katie Lyn. She offered to prepare peanut butter sandwiches for the entire crew (14 of us!!!). She's truly got a Mama's heart and the love for her siblings just oozes out of her.

I also got to meet someone very special to the Ferrill family, Kylie Watkins. Remember this name, because chances are very good that you may be seeing Kylie on the runway of the Miss America pageant! You see, in February of this year, Kylie was named 2009 Miss University of Mobile. A huge accomplishment! Now in June, she is competing in the Miss Alabama pageant.
Please keep her in your prayers because this young lady is exactly what America's teens and young girls need as a role model. She is not only stunningly beautiful, but has a genuine love for the Lord and for children. Kylie, we're rooting you on in Florida! Godspeed all the way to the Miss America crown!

Now, onto the good stuff you've been waiting for, if you haven't already scrolled down and peeked!

It was really tough choosing which pictures to post, so I tried narrowing it down to some of my favorite moments. I do admit though, that the pictures don't really do justice to the good time we had.


Our two families, minus my two big boys and our hubbies.

(Front row, left to right: Carlie, Candace, Quan, Anna Grace, and Kai.
Back row: Laine, Katie Lyn, Kimmie, Clay, Amanda, Colby, Kylie, AJ and me. Whew!)


Anna Grace and Quan. Wouldn't it be neat to see them like this in 20 years? :)

Laine and my silly boy, Kai.

Amanda and Katie Lyn ready to pass out PB & J sandwiches.

"Choo-Choo!" Kylie leading the crew of little ones back to the condo.

Laine sneaking in some AJ "sugar", as he calls it.

I think AJ was asking, "Mama, are you sure we aren't in China?"

Heading back from the playground. Carlie holding Anna Grace's hand, while Kimmie and Quan hitch rides.

The beautiful Miss Kylie (remember to keep her in your prayers!!) and the lovable Miss Candace.

Ooohhh, I could've eaten Kimmie up. She is so sweet!

And last but not least, my hero and dear friend, Laine Ferrill.


Thank you so much for having us. It truly was an honor and a blessing meeting your family. We had a wonderful time and the kids have done nothing but talk about your family since we got in the car! AJ wanted to know why we weren't going back after playgroup today since he had told you, "See you in the morning!"
From myself, Amanda and the little ones....a great big hug to all of you!

For those of you that could handle even more kiddo cuteness, click HERE!


The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh my...looks like the perfect day with two amazing families! All the pictures are GREAT!!! So glad you got to mee the Fab Ferrill's!!

Love ya,

sara said...

what a fun day!! the pictures were great!

Got your comment on my post, call me anytime!

Aus said...

Looks like a really 'sunny' day - one of these days we'll have to share one too!

hugs - aus and co.

Kim said...

Looks like you guys had a great time, Ohilda. I saw a link on your blog to a private blog that the Ferrill family has. Do they have a public blog? They sound like a great family.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, how wonderful! Our best buds and former adoption travelmates arrive tomorrow for a five/six day visit, so your post today REALLY made me smile. I know we'll have as much fun as y'all did.

geminirn said...

OK GIRL THAT WAS A WHOLE LOT OF CUTENESS GOING ON IN ONE PLACE..............the kids are all beautiful!!Looks like you all had a wonderful visit.

Sara W. said...

How Fun!! Great pics!! What a neat family...and for all of you to meet up at WDW, Neat!

Adorable puppy by the way...so cute! The other night Dan and I were looking at mypurebredpuppy.com and puppyfind.com. ONLY looking though. I was reading about the Maltese pups and other types. It's fun to look.

Keisha said...

They are the sweetest family ever!! I was blessed to meet them last year in Bama. It was a short visit.. but, Lanie & I could have talked ALL day!!!! I love the pictures!!! Glad you got to meet your "Super Mom" hero. ;)
She is.. really!

Jill said...

I enjoyed those photos!!!!

The Ferrill's said...

OHILDA! Yall are the ones who brought the sunshine to OUR day! :) We loved loved loved spending the day with yall and have talked about it tons all week! We miss yall! Come back! ;)
It was such a blessing getting to talk with you...and if only everyone could meet your beautiful, precious, eat 'em up family themselves! You are a treasure, friend!
And now, I'm off to pass out...wet, tired, exhausted, pruned fingers and toes, frizzy hair...
but wonderfully full and thankful!
I'll call you on our way home...I got your voice mail! Thank you! ;)

mommy24treasures said...

oh Ohilda, I know you had such an enjoyable time, I am sure Laine loved meeting you and your cuties as much as you enjoyed meeting her gang. I love them all but Kimmie has my heart;)
Quan has Jacob's. Ever since meeting Quan he begs for a brother:) IF we can just get Daddy to say yes!

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