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Monday, December 8, 2008

A letter to A.J.

Dear sweet A.J.,

Oh, my innocent little boy. Words cannot express how much we love you. I so look forward to Christmas time since I know how much you anticipate the birth of our Savior and all of the celebrations that encompass such an event with so much glee.

We speak often about the preparations, the decorating of the tree, the visit from Santa and of course the reason for the season, the birth of Christ. You listen with excitement as I tell you about each upcoming event that keeps us so very busy during this holiday time. You whole-heartily agree to cooperate and be a "big boy" as we head out the door to fulfill each of these memories that we want to forever engrave in our minds.

So, my question to you, sweet little one, is WHY? WHY? WHY? Why does it take 47 pictures for you to look at the camera ONCE? Why is it that we must entice you with candies, toys and other forms of bribery just so you can peek at the little man inside the lens circle or beg you to show the little man your teeth in order for you to smile? Your siblings tire so easily and quickly join the choir of chants, heard near and far, that rhythmically repeat the same words, "AJ! C'MON! PLEASE LOOK AT THE CAMERA!"

I noticed especially during our 47 attempts at getting a beautiful picture for our Christmas card how much your Daddy loves you. He always expresses his love, but for some reason after about the 20th attempt, I noticed he was holding you especially close and maybe had a death-grip bit tighter embrace around your little body. I'm still a bit baffled at why there were beads of sweat forming on his forehead when it was a crisp 60 degrees outside.

I know that years from now we will look back at the pictures of our visit to Santa and smile. Yes, dear boy. That's the one, the dear old Santa, whose cheeks were just the perfect hint of faint pink when we arrived. Ah, and do you remember Santa's helper? The little elf? She was the one who wanted us to desperately get out leave with magical memories through pictures attempted 6 times to get you to look at the little man inside the circle? Although I admit that I was getting a bit worried and was considering suggesting to her that she maybe see a doctor. I'm not sure why, but her breathing was getting increasingly heavy as our visit went on. Hmm.

You are such a joy. Do you recall our departure from the same sweet Santa with the pink cheeks and the kindred spirit? AJ, you remind me of a rainbow, splashing color wherever you go. When we left Santa, his hair seemed a tad bit whiter not to mention frazzled. And those cheeks. No, Santa no longer seemed to possess that same faint-pink color. Instead, I quickly noticed how your charm magically transformed the color of his cheeks to a stunningly bright, crimson shade! Oh, you must've brought such joy to him as you wiggled and squirmed while talking away. I know he must've appreciated the break from having to speak as you allowed him quite some time to sit quietly and enjoy your company. He was so relaxed that I think I even saw his eyes roll back a couple of times. As we were leaving and you were proudly hailing, "Bye-Bye, Santa!", I could almost see a tear in the corner of his eye.

Since this letter is for you to view many years from now, I have included above just a small collage containing a few of the many attempts on that dreadful sunny day we tried so hard to get that one magical Christmas picture. To make it a little easier for you, I have highlighted which little person you are. Yes, darling. You certainly do become very interested in your surroundings when a picture is to be taken.

With all my love I thank you for continuously striving to ensure that my level of patience is always tested and that I remain a good Catholic Mama by attending confession more often than I ever believed I would have to go. I also thank you for indeed engraving these memories in our minds. We certainly will never, ever forget days like pictures for Christmas cards and visits to Santa, not to mention the looks on your family's faces when I tell them that it's time for another family event.

I love you endlessly,

Your Mama


Lisa said...

We have a tough time getting a photo out of Joel too,,,,lol
I left you an award at my blog, you probably already have it but i considered you a good friend and I wanted you to know.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh they are all priceless! Love those sweet little smiles!
Too cute!

Terynn said...

Well, whaddaya gonna do? It *is* an accurate picture of your boy, no? So, just roll with it. And maybe try to laugh (cuz I surely am chuckling here in sleety Iowa, where it most definitely is NOT 60 balmy degrees).

I think the photos are darling, BTW. No, really. I do. (big grin)

Tammy said...

Oh I can so relate. Thanks for the smile. :)

He And Me + 3 said...

It is the age. Why is it they turn everytime the camera flashes? Hmmm. Loved the letter, very neat idea.

Anonymous said...

Hey what happened to NOT ME MONDAY - I MISSED IT TODAY :(

Michelle said...

What a cute letter to AJ. I have never heard of using the "man inside the circle" before. Very creative. Too bad AJ would rather look at the clear blue sky... the blade of grass... the hair on daddy's head... :-)

Keisha said...

LOL!!! LOL!!
That is soo stinking funny! At least he's not crying.. last year.. our sweet Kenna.. CRIED the whole time! URGGH! This year,.. I gave up on it! Maybe next year! TEE HEE!
I think the pictures look GREAT!! Beautiful Family!

Aus said...

OK - first of all being a guy - I can relate to AJ very well....why do you think it is we guys are always the ones taking the pictures? Ya'll thought cameras were 'guy toys' right? Maybe we've just got ya'll fooled? ((GG))

And a 'crisp' 60 degrees? What's 'crisp' about 60? We won't see 60 until next MAY - and we'll be running around in shorts and tee shirts because of it! ((GGG)))

For my part - I love the way ya'll look!

hugs - aus and family

Jill said...

Oh, that adorable child!!!!! Why does such a SIMPLE task turn out to have adults sweating in the end?!?!?!?!
This letter is PRICELESS!!

Undercover-Princess said...

Here you go:

Away in a manger (pretend to be rocking a baby in your arms)

No crib for a bed (still rocking the baby)

The little Lord Jesus lay down His sweet head (put your head on your hands like you are taking a nap).

The stars in the sky (put hands over arms and wiggle finders)

Look down where He lay (look down with hand over eyes like you are a scout)

The little Lord Jesus (rocking baby)

Asleep on the hay (head on hands)

mommy24treasures said...

love the post, yes yes the times I too am tested with Ms Caitlyn and the look at the camera thing. is it really that hard????

Beverly said...

def great memories!

Candace said...

I have given you an award... check out my blog when you can to pick it up, and pass it on! :) I have really enjoyed your blog... sorry I am just now commenting! Thanks!

geminirn said...

Love all the photos and that letter is priceless!!!!!Thanks for the laugh this evening!!

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