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Monday, November 17, 2008

Yep, Not Me!

It's that time of week again. Oh, and if you haven't been to MckMama's site (the creator of Not Me! Mondays) lately, go check out her little miracle, Stellan. Really. A true miracle!

Now back to the stuff I didn't do.

I absolutely did not consider allowing my little ones to stay up till midnight on Friday night, in the hopes that they would sleep till 10 am the next morning. I think that is terrible parenting and the thought would never even cross my mind (not to mention that with my luck, they’d be up till midnight and still wake up at 6:30 am!).

I did not start writing down my Not Me’s last Monday so that it would be easier to remember things instead of thinking this morning about all the things I didn’t do last week.

It was not me that let my son clunk around the house in my high heels because I love seeing him giggle and smile and because I thought he was so darn cute in ‘em.

I do not feel like I am the only person in the world that has no clue what “High School Musical” is about. ::gasp:: I do not see it everywhere I go and wonder about whether it’s a movie or a show on TV, yet have absolutely no interest in finding out. And please don’t think I’m living a sheltered life because I also don’t know what the hoopla is about the Twilight books. I DO know that they are a series…how’s that?

It certainly was did not have Kai wipe his nose into his shirt last week at church because it was runny and gross and I did not want to get up and walk all the way to the bathroom to get a tissue. That would be utterly disgusting and lazy of me. I also did not immediately look around to make sure that no one had seen me do such a disgusting thing.

I, the most over-protective mother in this side of the hemisphere, absolutely did not allow my 14-year-old daughter to set up her own blog. I also did not tell her that if she did do such a thing, that she will be moderated by none other than that very same over-protective mother. No, I would not allow her to do that because there are a lot of weirdos in cyberland and that would be totally irresponsible of me to do. (For those of you that want to go over and show her some love, you can click HERE. It’s ok. Mama Bear is watching. :)

Kidding aside, she’s got a great blog, she’s a great writer and an awesome God-lovin’, total non-stop talkin’, movie watchin’, book worm who loves her family. She also loves comments ::hint hint::

At her blog, scroll down to her first post for her introduction.

Now what didn't YOU do this week?


Katie@ThisCrazyLife said...

Personally I think it is awesome that you are letting her blog. It is a great way for her to document these years of her life life that she will no doubt soon forget only to wish she could go back and live them again! As long as you are monitoring it I think it will be a wonderful experience for her!

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

Good morning Ohilda! LOVED your Not Mes! LOL

He And Me + 3 said...

Boogies on a shirt...usually a sleeve over here. LOL

tollesons4him said...

great Not Me's....

Julie said...

Very funny! I love the "Mama Bear" is watching! The fact that you know what "Twilight" is puts you way ahead of me...I don't understand the fascination.

The Byrd's Nest said...

I got your back on this sister! I absolutely did not let Lottie wipe her nose on her shirt at the park because a good mom would have brought kleenex knowing her nose was runny!

I also know nothing about Twilight and frankly Scarlet.......

Big Hugs!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

You keep track of "Not me's" all week too? Awesome! Now I feel like a 45 year old! I stopped over at Amanda's and left her a comment - what a beautiful girl! You go, Mama Bear!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Ohilda, you daughter is stunningly beautiful. I can't wait to go check out her blog. I have to tell you that I am stealing yet another song! I have not heard Give Thanks since the early 90's. Going to put it on my playlist! Thanks again!

Lisa said...

so nice it was to meet Amanda and see her blog. Loved your not me's, I could sit and watch the disney channel with the kids for hours I know all about HSM, Zach and Codie, Hannah Montana--I know I should be doing something else but the kids love it when I sit and watch it with them and at least they are not watching something on 2,4, or 7 that could possibly be inappropriate.

Aus said...

You know I would never have done any of those things either - definatly not the stay up late thing for sure!

And as long as ya'll know about the blog I'm all for it - but you better tell her that a cybercop is reading her blog now too - she'll just have to figure out who that might be.....it could just be another 14 year old girl or something! (Boy I wish blogspot supported smilies!)

hugs -


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