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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Body Parts and Hidden Talents

I'm really starting to believe (notice the whispered tone cause I'm afraid to say it too loud) that Anna Grace has turned a corner with her attachment issues. Since her surgery, I've had her sit with me to watch movies on TV, she's played, laughed and I've even been blessed with an "I love you, Mama" almost daily. These have happened during quiet times and not play time. So, I know they're real. A little strange that most have been during potty time while I'm sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for her to be wiped, but hey, I'll take 'em whenever she wants to say it.

Since coming home from the hospital, she's been a non-stop chatterbox. Asking why about everything and wanting to share with me all the going-ons in her world. Which sometimes drives me crazy is a little much since it's been almost constant, but I've tried to encourage as much interaction as possible with her so I do my best to appear that I'm listening intently. That even goes for the times that she's telling me, while I'm on the phone, about her favorite episode of Max and Ruby for the 100th time.

That leads me to today's adventure with Miss Anna Grace. When I picked Amanda up from school the 3 little ones were already in the car. I needed to pick up dinner at the grocery store, so instead of lugging 4 kids there, I dropped Amanda off at home with the two boys and headed to the store with Anna Grace.

I plopped her in the front of the shopping cart and soon thereafter the chatting commenced. It was first about cookies, then dinner, and so on. As we are walking up and down the aisles, she is now attracting more attention than usual with her loud, squeaky voice emphatically rattling off whatever was going through her little mind. All this while I'm trying hard to concentrate on why I'm at the store in the first place. Each aisle brings a new admirer that stops to comment about how pretty she is followed by asking what happened to her arm since she has a cast up to her shoulder. When this occurs, she then quiets down a bit after being questioned (a great sign of attachment!) and looks at me to answer for her. Well, after about 15 minutes of being at the store, she was talking to me about noodles and why is spaghetti called spaghetti and not noodles...blah...blah....blah.

While we are standing in front of the pasta, a man who I would guess was about 50 years old comes up and says, "Oh my! What happened to you?" Anna Grace quickly lowers her voice and whispers something about her hand. I'm sure he didn't understand because then his glance turns to meet my eyes and says, "Did she cut off her hand?" HUH? My mind couldn't figure out what he was asking so I stood there. I'm assuming he then realized he was asking something pretty far out there, so he quickly follows it up with "I'm sorry for being nosy. I just didn't see her hand and I thought she had cut it off and it was a stump." By this time, Anna Grace is back to chit-chatting to herself. I must've stood there bewildered because I said nothing, but instead was immediately brought back to reality when all of a sudden, I feel Anna Grace grab and cup my left breast in her hand (this probably just made my blog an R rating) and proceeded to say at the top of her lungs with the man standing about a foot away from me, "Mama, you have nice boobies!" WHHHAAATTT? Did she just say what I thought she said?

If I looked bewildered and stupid before the man's inquisition, after that comment I must've really looked like a deer in headlights. I turn to her, remove her hand which was still on my boob and said, "Anna Grace, that's not nice. We don't say those things." Then, the Mama in me thought for a split second, "Was she giving me a compliment? Did I just blow her off when she was being nice?" There was total confusion in my brain as it scrambled to come up with something to say. I then realized that Mr. Nosy was still standing there. This time with a creepy, sheepish grin on his face. By the look on my face, he realized that I was completely embarrassed and softly uttered, "Kids come up with the silliest things. Don't they?" as he briskly walked away. "Ummm...yes", is all I could muster to bring forth from my mouth. I quickly finished my shopping, carefully peeking into each aisle before turning the corner in order to make sure that I had no more run-ins with Mr. Nosy. Thank you, Anna Grace. Another one for the books.

Moving right along. You guys are too funny! I've gotten a few comments and even some emails asking what the secret is to making myself sneeze. Well, being that Mistee has that same talent and I'm dying to know if she does it the same way I do, I will share my secret. Mind you, it doesn't work for everyone because Amanda and Scott have both tried, to no avail. That's why I really thought it was my incredibly unique talent (can you see the busted bubble?) or maybe I just have a deviated septum. Heh!

Ok. Are you paying close attention? You first feel for the boniest part of the bridge of your nose. Once you find that spot, you move your index finger and thumb just below it and tightly pinch it while breathing in. VOILA! A sneeze! And I gotta tell you, I just did it twice and sneezed both times. Didn't I tell ya I crack myself up? Now that I shared my secret, you guys be honest and 'fess up as to how many of you just tried this. You did, didn't you? Was it successful? If so, welcome to the I-can-make-myself-sneeze club!


sara said...

oh my gosh, I so tried it and IT DIDN'T WORK!! I really wanted to be part of the club! :( But I do still crack myself up!

So funny about Anna Grace. My daughter once yelled, while sitting in a crowded airport as I walked back from the bathroom, "did you go #1 or #2 mommy?" Niiiice!

Michelle said...

Hilarious story about Anna Grace and your, ahem, female parts. And Ohilda, I'll tell you what, some guy is going to be really surprised when he G.oogles boobies and finds you! lol

I'm so glad to hear you and Anna Grace are having more and more precious moments together. Her "I love you's" must be music to your ears.

And I admit to trying your sneeze trick. I couldn't get it to work. Now I am left to ponder how and why you figured out you had this little talent. :-)


Jill said...

Hmmmm, laughing here Ohilda! I absolutely LOVE it!

Charlotte said...

Well, O ~

Got to tell you, sometimes I don't read everything you write, only cause you are a little long winded, lol. But I had to read about the man, that cracked me up so much girl !

Sometimes I look at Riley and beg him for a moment of silence, or we play the quiet game ~ who can be the quietest ? Never works !

Charlotte and crew

Waitingfaithfully said...

Laughing in Texas, oh my goodness--Miss Chatty had quite the day! It warms my heart that she is doing so well, and complimenting you in public no less . . . to include physical touch, that's marvelous. Oh my! You go Anna Grace . . . you gave Mr. Nosy a run for his money!

Love the pics!

Blessings to you~ Thanks again for the laughs!


Sherri said...

You always crack me up!

I am so happy that Anna Grace has turned a corner. It seems like you are tentative in claiming it.....embrace it!

I get the "did she cut her arm off" all the time with Mia. On a daily basis, she doesn't seem bothered by not having her left arm, but when someone calls attention to it in this way, she puts her hand over her little stub like she's hiding it. So far, she hasn't deflected the conversation by commenting on my body parts!


Lisa said...

I tried to sneeze it did not work....lol Way to go Anna Grace, I nursed Joel and for a long time he had no problem pointing out my boobies to everyone. He is weaned for the most part but he still remembers and will grab them if he gets a chance and thinks about it.
what a thing to say from mr. nosy, I think he could have asked a little more tactful if he needed to know but older people are like that. My mom sometimes blurts stuff out and I give her the ole' elbow. So glad to hear Anna Grace is recovering and bonding with her mommy. You are doing a great job and she is so lucky to have you. God has blessed the both of you.

Undercover-Princess said...

I remember when Monkey But watched Max and Ruby.

Max and Ruby
Nuh nuh nuh
Ruby and Max...

Val said...

Whooooaaaa. The anatomy-thing AND sneezing on demand. We're not worthy. Funny stuff!

He And Me + 3 said...

I tried it...didn't work for me either. I am so bummed. Oh well. Cute story. Sounds like something my son would say, just to embarras me. Too funny! Glad to hear Anna is doing better. Don't you just love it when they bust out with "I love you Mommy"! Melts my heart everytime.

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

Thanks for coming by my blog.

This story is sooo funny and totally like something my 4 year old would do. Glad I am not the only one! ;)

Carmen said...

Having a daughter really has made me sympathize with men who are married to talkative women (not me of course :)). Ami also grabs my boobies or pulls down my neckline and she knows she is not being nice. Two out of three because I couldn't make myself sneeze.
God Bless

Nicole said...

GREAT POST! So happy to be back reading BLOGS and I love the comment you left on my last post! THANKS!

Mom Of Many said...

Okay, Ohilda that was such a fun post. No, I can't make myself sneeze - even employing your method. I will have to work on it and get my kids to try it too.

I am thrilled for Anna Grace to be making such strides - Yippee Jesus!

Absolutely love what she did in the grocery store. Having a boatload of kids we have had similar things....and that madame, is why we are having a blast with all these kids, wouldn't you agree?? Too, too fun! Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious, that boob story had me on the floor, I have to remind myself I work in a church and can not be so rowdy, hahahahahahah

Hugs & kisses to all your precious little ones, Amando cuz she's not little anymore!

Beverly said...

no I cannot make my self sneeze even when I badly need to. Oh and about the boob story, LOL!! if we say boob in the comments enough you will get strange hits and an R rating, heh!

Jennifer said...

Ohilda, I'm dying here! This is just too funny--amazing Anna Grace!!!

And no, the sneeze thing didn't work for me either. :\

Keisha said...

Okay... enough already.. my nose HURTS! Obviously, I can not be in that club.. yet...???
You are FUNNY girl! The boobie thing.. LOL!!!

waiting4Isabella said...

kk - I tried the sneezing thing and all I came up with was a Yawn !!! So much for amusing myself. Your a trip : LOL

geminirn said...

YA YA I JUST TRIED IT AND NO IT DID NOT WORK.......lol!Oh I think I have been reading this blog for tooo long...I'm acting as silly as you...LOL!!!

geminirn said...

Me agin...yes yes I will admit..OK I TRIED IT AGAIN...lol!

I wanted to say that I'm thrilled that things are going well between you and Anna Grace and also that I just about fell of mychair LMAO reading about you shopping adventure!!

Angie said...

Oh my, now that is hilarious! Ryan was talking loudly in public the other day about the poopy in his bottom...but since it sounded like "coopy in my bobbom" I hoped noone knew what he was saying. Probably just wishful thinking!


Kelly said...

Oh so hilarious Ohilda! I laughed so hard reading about your grocery store adventure with Anna Grace. Mr. Nosey is right, kids do say the silliest things, but Mr. Nosey proved that adults do too!
I tried the sneezey thing and it didn't work at all and now my head is killing me. Can you get the mental image of all of us bloggers sitting around at home trying to make ourselves sneeze today (along with our family members). Way too funny!

Aus said...

Wow - a day away from blogs and I miss ton's. Love what you've done with the place, even if I'm not a brown and tan fan!

As for the grocery story - ah if I say anything more I'll just get in trouble some where....

Ya know - We've followed you guys for a long time, shared some of the same attachment issues as you have - and frankly you have given us some strength at times when we were feeling weak. We're blessed by that - and so happy that you are having the experiences that you are now! A gentle reminder - she won't really mean it when she says those 'dreaded words' that all adoptive parents cringe at - "You aren't my mommy" - but I'm sure that you will survive that with grace and humor too!

But after all of that - are you sure you named that darling child correctly? I'm thinking just maybe it should have been 'Amazing' Grace...

hugs -

aus and family

mommy24treasures said...

oh my goodness I was totally not expecting the boobie remark, How funny!

I am so glad her trust is growing and she is loving her sweet momma.

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