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Monday, September 15, 2008

Two years ago today....

The first picture we ever saw of our beautiful daughter.

God moved through what we thought would be impossible in order for us to receive an amazing phone call. Here is an excerpt from this post, detailing how He orchestrated every moment leading up to the one when we found out that Lu Feng Qin, our Anna Grace, was forever ours.

On September 4, 2006, which by the way was the birth date of our very first referral for our little boy in Belarus, I came across a beautiful little girl on the list of an agency that I had not heard too much about. So, I emailed the agency and asked them if I could review her medical info. Two days later, I got this email back:

"Hi Ohilda,Thank you for your inquiry on little Qin. She is just darling. As of this weekend, we have at least 6 families seriously interested in pursuing her adoption. I believe her forever family is very near.We would love to work with you in the future."

So, I was bummed, but sort of expected it. She was beautiful, young, and clearly....too good to be true. But, as we all know, with God nothing is impossible. On Wednesday, September 13, almost 10 days later, I got home around 5 pm and had this email in my inbox:

"Hi Ohilda,I tried to phone you today, but couldn't get through. Qin is available and I wanted to speak with you to see if you might still be interested. You can be DTC on the anniversary of the date that your last travel approval was signed. My guess is that you are just fine to submit an LOI for Qin. I'm attaching Qin's medical for your review."

I was pretty shocked to say the least, and the first thought through my mind was that something was terribly wrong with her, although it was listed as her special needs being sooooo manageable. I pick up the phone and call the agency. They tell me that the family that was reviewing the file was a NSN family and when they inquired about her SNs and that she may need a possible surgery, they changed their minds. So, I said..."How about the other 5 families?" I could understand 1 or 2, but 6? The woman on the other end responded with, "I'm not sure what happened, but it seems that every single one of those families had a circumstance that they could not adopt right now!"

That was ALL GOD to me! He cleared six families out of the way to lead us to our daughter. So, we took the baton and ran. We started calling doctors, doing research, and speaking to families that had dealt with this SN.....which was amazing to us since it really IS no big deal. She is perfectly healthy and beautiful to boot! So, the next night at about 11 PM we finished up the last of the paperwork to petition for her and faxed it over to the agency. On Friday, September 15, at 12:54 PM, I received an email saying that she was ours!!!!

That's the whole story! I had been praying for God to open doors and make it really obvious when it was our child....and once again, he hits us like a lightning bolt. :)

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Anna Grace's announcement video.

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Holly said...

Amazing God.
thanks for sharing.
I love to see His hands involved in the lives of thos who see His face.

Barbie said...

I love hearing stories about families found their babies. God is so faithful and it is so apparent that Anna Grace was meant to be YOURS!!!!!

Waitingfaithfully said...


Anna Grace's biggest special need was for a mama who would stick by her no matter what, and teach her to trust and to love. God knew, that with His help, you were more than capable Ohilda, I would say that is why YOU got "the call" (make that the email) my friend!

Look at your sweet baby now! Go God! Go mama! Go Anna Grace! God is indeed in the business of miracles!

Thank you so much for sharing Ohilda, I am blessed!

Love you!


Aus said...

Oh yeah - Brianna picked Braelyn's picture out on a SN web site one night while Marie and I were still in our 'discernment' period - should we - what does that mean to the other kids - you know the thoughts. The next night Brianna found her again - when she found Braelyn the third night Marie and I just looked at each other and knew - that 'God smacks you on the head' moment. The next day Marie called for the file - and got a return call - "You'll be one of 10 families who want the referral so we'll be going to the committee for decision". Two more days of waiting - then the call from Heritage - Marie couldn't talk - I grabbed the camera and got the pictures of the first tears when she heard the words "The committee picked your family without hesitation" - ya'll know the rest.

Ohilda - we share your joy - sorrows - wonder - and just a touch of the understanding that God IS good....

Prayers for your family as well - such loss - Faith will see the day!

aus and family

geminirn said...

Oh I remember your decision time like it was yesterday,time sure has flown.Just look at how your little flower has bloomed.

The Princess's Mommy said...

Sweet Anna Grace...to see you now just makes my heart smile! You are a miracle and I know your mommy is so proud!

You are amazing! She's come a long way from that sad eyed little girl at the consulate on a hot day in June.

Love you,

Charlotte said...

Oh my goodness ! I remember it 2 years ago ! What a blessing it was to see her find a family ! She has always been your daughter !

Charlotte and crew

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