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Saturday, August 30, 2008

And now..... an Ohilda Update!


Hey there! It's the husband again ..... awwwwww! Thought it was her, eh? Well.. it will be later on today when I set up her laptop in the bedroom. There is a yellow police tape surrounding the bed that says, " NO CHILDREN BEYOND THIS LINE!!!! ", and I have guards posted at each corner.

Seriously now.... she's home and doing fine, up and walking around every little bit here and there. Getting home was a nightmare, the house was full of kids visiting from Miami ( including our son, Tito ) plus O's family. So getting her to relax was like trying to get her to vote Democrat.... it wasn't going to happen. Thank God.

But the house cleared, and everything was fine. Now all I hear is Ohilda saying, " I'm so hot .... it's so hot in here .... I'm so hot ". I have to keep saying, " Yes honey, you are so hot, try to be a little modest will ya? Sheesh! Yes, you're beautiful already! " It's then she corrects me that she's PHYSICALLY HOT! OHHHHHHH! I get it now! So the house is a chilly 72 degrees with a fan blowing in the room.

Ohilda's going to be on later on, when the kids are napping and I move her laptop into the bedroom, and I'm going to try and figure out a way to see my New England Patriots playing ONLINE somehow. Tomorrow. Legally. SOMEHOW. LOL!!! It was nice posting to you all, I may have to do this more often! Or maybe my own blog.... hmmmm.... nahhhhhh, one blogger in the house is more than enough!!

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The Princess's Mommy said...

Hey Scott! You can be O's guest blogger anytime! Glad the patient is doing good. Tell her we miss her!

Michelle said...

Scott - You're really good at this!! You are a funny guy.

I'm glad to hear Ohilda is back home.

Janette said...

Hi Scott, send Ohilda my love. I'm so happy that all went well and that she's back home recovering. There's no place like home to recover at. Hugs & kisses to all the kiddos!!!

Michelle said...

lol! You are quite funny, Scott!! Thanks again for the update and give Ohilda a hug from me and tell you she is in our thoughts and prayers...

Sherri said...

That could be a good thing to have extra people in the house....more hands to help, right?

I'm glad she's doing well.


Becky said...

Scott you make an excellent guest blogger! Tell Miss O I am always hot these days - her definition....!
Love to all of you - big and little alike!!!!
And especially to the hot mama -

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I am so glad to hear she is doing well and at home but praying these hot flashes pass soon! You are a funny writer Scott...you should post every now and then!!!

Sara said...


Oh I'm glad to read that she is home and resting...police tape, fan blowing on high, her call-light in reach(aka..that's you Scott)hee hee :-) Keep water, ice chips, box of kleenex, vaseline for her lips, magazine to page through..and anything else your princess wants...at her bedside. When my mom had her hysterectomy..I went home to be with her..she, too, was ALWAYS hot..waving her shirt saying "it's so hot in here, aren't you hot??" She liked having ice by her when she first came home from the hospital so I would put ice cubes in the blender mixed with the liquid of her choice (Crystal Light, juice, salty Gatorade, Lemonade..etc...) I would just blend it enough to make her a "chunky" slushy..she could spoon it or drink it..sort of. Maybe Ohilda would like a slushy of some type...if you can make a blended margarita..you can make a slushy :-)

Take extra sweet care of her!

Thanks for blogging in O's place...you're funny!!

Holly said...

Please let her know that many prayers are being offered on her behalf.

Aus said...

Hey Scott - great job - if I'd have thought of the tape I'd have sent you a roll! And you and I must be cut from the same bolt - I wish I had a nickel for every time I've used the 'hot' joke! One last suggestion - popsickle - the ones in the plastic bags - the opened ones taste good - the unopened ones can serve as ice packs if you wrap them in a towel!

Anyway - hugs to your bride and kids - heck - have one for yourself, looking forward to 'seeing' from her later!

aus and family

Vadzemnieks Family Blog said...

Hey Scott

I am so glad to hear that O is doing so well. We would love to have you as a stand in blogger any day. You are so funny. Tell her we are thinking about her and keep her in our prayers.

A Crystal Garden said...

So glad to hear things went well with the surgery. Hope recovery is coming along smooth!

Doug and Terrye said...

Sweetie, BTDT! Make sure you have a fan in every room...and make sure they are all aimed at you! ;)
BTW, do ya love McCain's running mate? She's da'Bomb!

T in FL

Waitingfaithfully said...

Checking in on you Ohilda--and joining in with the rest of the crowd to say your guest blogger ain't half bad!

Thank you Scott, for the comedic updates, and for taking good care of your bride, and our sweet blogger friend.

Happy to hear things went well, praying for a speedy and cooooooler recovery!

Hugs from Texas~


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