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Monday, June 23, 2008

More on the "hurt inside"

I was going to take this morning to answer and comment on some questions I've been asked from previous posts about attachment, Kai's cleft and some other topics. Instead, as God would lead me, I received a comment from Michelle this morning.

Who is Michelle? She is a faith-filled woman and mother of four beautiful blessings. One of these blessings, her latest additon, came home last summer. I followed her journey as she brought home this sweet angel, but due to time constraints, I have not been back to her blog in quite a while.

Today, when she left me her comment, I visited her blog and was pretty surprised to see the challenges that the Lord has put before her. Not quite as severe as Anna Grace's, but I must say that as I read her story (she's broken it up into parts for easier reading) I felt like it was MY child she was speaking about. From the rages, to the two things that I have no control over, to the defiancy, to the guilt and so much more, it was incredible. So much so that I called Scott at work and told him he had to read this blog...and Scott is not into reading blogs too much.

We later discussed it after he read it, and he was just as blown away by the similiarities as I was. The only difference is that Anna Grace has healed tremendously in the past year, although issues still arise now and then as I posted in our Gotcha Day post. I again, give God the glory, for this because it is only thru Him and the faith that I have in knowing that He created Anna Grace for our family that we have made it this far.

Michelle has kindly allowed those that would like to share with others her story of love and encouragement, to do so. I thank her for this opportunity and have decided to share it here. It is only through amazing families like Michelle's, that share the not-so-joyous moments that may come with adoption (or even a biological child) that others can be educated and become aware of the complexity of these issues. Not to mention, the most important factor, allowing those that are living days like these to see that they are not alone. Attachment issues and RAD are very real and it's heartbreaking for the child and hurtful to the families dealing with these issues to believe otherwise.

Michelle's blog is titled Day By Day and you can click HERE to go there.
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Sherri said...

I just want to say how much I appreciate your honesty and openness. Many times I have felt like I was the only adopting mother who was having issues with her children.....I know most people have the tendency to only post the "bright side" of things. They fear showing the difficulties they are having. This past year has been without a doubt the most difficult year I have endured.

So...thank you for your honesty. I'll visit Michelle's blog too!


redmaryjanes said...

Michelle's experiences touched me so deeply that I posted them on No Place Like Home. We all are very blessed by her coming forward with her story. I strongly recommend that people read her series of posts. It takes a lot of courage and caring to put her experiences into words and share them.

Sara said...

Hi Ohilda!!! Yes, we have a lot to celebrate in the Wendt house :-) We are so excited!!!!

LOVE the new t-shirts on your 3 little ones....so cute!! I will be shopping there.

Take Care
Hugs to You Too :-)

The Ferrill's said...

Ohilda, I stayed up WAY too late last night but it was worth it reading every one of Michelle's posts. She writes so clearly and from the heart, and I know the Lord had me read those for a reason...thank you for sharing this! And for being so open and honest yourself with how God is working in your heart and the miracles He has done in Anna Grace's heart!
Thank you for your encouragement...all WILL be well! I cling to that! ;)

ThatGirl said...

God surely sent me here today, as I struggle with a 4 yr old from China -- thank you!

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