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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy & Son!

To my sweet guys, hope you had a wonderful day!
Today was a super-dee-dooper (can ya tell we watch Barney around here?) day around here!

As you all can remember, Scott and Kai both share their birthdays. It was one of God's special signs that Kai was definitely our boy. (You can read about it HERE!). It's hard to believe that the sweet baby that was handed to me in China a little over 2 years ago is already 4 years old!!

The morning started off with Kai taking cupcakes to school that he and his Daddy had baked. Yummy!! He was so cute and proud of himself as he told the class that he had baked them. He also got to be the teacher's helper and passed out napkins and the cupcakes to each of the kids. AJ and Mom got to visit during the "party" and we sang Happy Birthday to our little man and big brother as he beamed with joy!!!

In the evening, we gathered together with family and went to one of Scott's favorite places, The Olive Garden. We had a great time! So much so, that the tables around us were joining in our festivities. One particular couple sitting behind us started a conversation with my sister and shared that their children had SIX adopted children from Russia. They of course told us how generous we were for "taking in these children", to which we replied that we were the ones blessed by having them as part of our family.

Both Daddy and son opened their gifts and we had an awesome time. Before leaving, we were told by the same couple that it is rare to see such a tight knit family enjoying each other's company and laughing with joy. We are indeed very blessed!

Kai will be having his big CARS pool party on the 7th. He is so excited about it! I also want to mention that I spent quite a bit of the day thinking about Kai's birthmom and wondering what her thoughts were on this day. Did she remember? Was she grieving? I prayed that her heart be filled with peace and that somehow she would know that he had been adopted and was now part of a family that adored him; that his cleft lip and palate had been repaired and most importantly, that he was the light of our lives and incredibly loved. It was a bittersweet day and my hopes are that someday, maybe in Heaven, God allow me the opportunity to meet this woman face to face. Although I know words could never be enough, I would love to thank her personally for the gift that she has given not only me, but everyone that has met this sweet boy with the infectious laugh and the joy in his heart that lights up the darkest of rooms.

I will post pictures of the day a little later on today, so be sure to check back!
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The Princess's Mommy said...

WHOO-HOO!! Happy Birthday to your boys! Can't wait to see party pics!


The Byrd Family said...

Happy Birthday guys!!! God is good.

Holly said...

Happy birthdays indeed!
I understand the birthmom thoughts and prayers that one day we will meet at Jesus feet and marvel at HIS handiwork in our lives.

The Ferrill's said...

Hope your boys had a superdedooper birthday! That cracked me up!
What a precious post, Ohilda! Thanks for the little glimpse into your joyful family! It blessed me today!

A Crystal Garden said...

Happy Birthday Kai and Scott!

Forgot to mention I love the new header. :o)

My3Monkeys said...


Aus said...

Happy birthday guys! Love the shirts BTW!! Reminds me of when I used to work undercover - but that's another story!

Our families must be karmically (is that a word?) connected - Olive Garden is a BIG TIME fav with us too - so much so that my oldest daughter worked there for a while just for free food!

Great things - great input from other guests - and loved the pics too!

aus and fam -

Tammy said...

Love the pics of the bday party!! Looks like the birthday boys had a great time. :)


geminirn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Birthday boys!!!!!

waiting4Isabella said...

We had a great time celebrating with Kai and scott on their birthday. It is such an honor to be a part of our family. Seriously, we are blessed to have a family like ours and I know it's all because of the great Lord we serve. Looking forward to making so many more memories with all of you.

Peace, love me.

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