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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

I am totally exhausted but so filled with joy in seeing our little ones (and big ones) enjoying every second of the holiday. We reminded them often of the 'reaon for the season' and even sang a last "Happy Birthday to You" to Jesus after prayers last night. Kai asked if Jesus' birthday was coming again tomorrow, unfortunately I had to break the news that he had to wait until next year.

I have much to share and as always not a lot of time. I truly apologize for not having posted pictures and sharing about the very special Christmas miracle we received, but even if it's Valentine's day, I will get to it.

Right now I will leave you with a bit of our Christmas Eve and the traditional Noche Buena at my Mom's house. We had an awesome time. The dinner was absolutely scrumptious and we were all filled to the brim. She invited new neighbors over to share in the tradition, which they seemed to have really enjoyed. One of the neighbors plays guitar and we spent about an hour singing Christmas carols and even a few praise and worship songs.

The little ones went to bed right after dinner, but were awoken at midnight by the sounds of sleigh bells and Santa coming up the stairs carrying a huge black bag full of goodies for them. Their eyes appeared like saucers and none of them were able to gather the courage to get closer, until Anna Grace decided that she wanted presents and if going up to Santa would do it, then she was going for it! Well, it didn't take long for the rest of the crew to follow. My cousins little ones, Emily, was with us to join in the fun and even Baby Seth awoke at midnight to get a picture with the big guy. We laughed as much as Santa did with his Ho-Ho-Ho's. There's nothing in the world like seeing Christmas through a child's eyes.

The kids really cleaned up and were overly spoiled with goodies from their favorite Ayi & Shu-Shu and of course, their Po-Po. Oh!! Anna Grace's dress and the boy's vests were made by Po-Po for them. We went to the Christmas vigil mass and everyone had to stop to tell us how adorable they looked. THANK YOU PO-PO!!!

Pictures will follow later tonight. (Really, this time...so please check back!)

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