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Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm in labor!!!

OMG!! It's 5:15 a.m. here. I really thought the last post I wrote would be the last one before us seeing Anna Grace. But, I've tossed and turned to the point that I think I've rubbed the threads out of the sheets. Kai, my Mom and Scott are all snoring away. I wish I could scream to everyone..."WAKE-UP!!! DON'T YOU REALIZE THAT WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOO CLOSE TO HOLDING ANNA GRACE?" UGH! What's the matter with these people? Or should I be asking, "What's the matter with me?"

I am not at all nervous or anxious. I am excited. Excited in the same exact way that I was excited when I was in labor with my other children and I had FINALLY reached 10 centimeters (epidurals helped...so no pain) and they said, "Now, we're going to push. In a little while now you will be holding your baby." The funny thing is that I feel like the doctor is not in the hospital yet so they don't let you push! heh. Ok. I must sound like I've lost it. But I'm so ready.

I still have gifts to put together and my pants to iron, but I don't want to start making noise quite yet. Trust me, soon!

As I lay in bed, I keep thinking what should we do first when we see her? Should I give her the little Asian doll I brought her? No...food! Food is good. I think I will come in with Oreos and cheerios in hand, and then reach out the doll. So many planned scenarios going thru my brain. But then I remember being told that Kai was on the 6th floor and we walk into the building and he's smack in front of me. Every plan flew out the window.

Ok. It's now 5:25. I REALLY can't wait any longer. I'm gonna turn on a couple of lights and I know Kai will be the first one up. I will let him do the rest. :)

::DEEEEEP BREATHS::::: Will she be wearing bows or barettes? Will she be in a dress or pants? ::KEEP BREATHING OHILDA:: Will she smile at us at all?

Can you tell I'm killing time till the clock strikes 5:30? I figure it's a nice round figure to wake someone. HA!

I'm really gonna try not to cry too, when I see her. What if she calls me Mama? OMG!! Then I know the damns will break and I will probably shove Scott in front of me!

Ok. It's 5:29, considering the time it takes to publish this, it will be 5:30. Thank you all for listening to my rambles. GOTTA GO PUSH.....THE DOCTOR HAS ARRIVED!!!!!

Next post will be with my daughter next to me. (God willing).

UPDATE: Sorry....just had to post this. I am falling over laughing. As soon as I clicked publish, the phone rang!! It was our wake-up call. Scott thought that I might over sleep so he asked for a 5:30 call. Aaahhh....men! Ya gotta love 'em. Off to shower.


Ruth said...

Ohilda, Exactly 3 months ago we were exactly where you are!!!! Reliving it with you!!! Praying that the transition goes smoothly!!! Can't wait to see picutres of you with your sweet girl!


Leslie said...

Oh, Ohilda! You're so close to getting Anna Grace. I can't wait to read your gotcha post. Just remember to breathe.

Annie said...

I'm anxiously awaiting your next post. By now you must be waking up, with Anna Grace with you!

we5chois said...

Ohilda, Scott & Kai,

Any moment now you will be meeting Anna Grace. Congratulations. We can't wait to hear all about her. Good luck and much love as you start this new chapter in your lives.
Kim C

Charlotte said...


Thanks for posting again ! Been thinking of you all day long ! Hoping you post soon when you get back, if not when I wake up I know my computer attached friend, you will have posted more pics of her ! As I read your post, I am reminding myself to breathe ! Like someone said I am reliving it all over again x2, thinking of when I get to go get Rachael ! I am so excited for you my dear friend. This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it !

Love, Charlotte

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

So excited for you!!! I can't wait to wake up in the morning and see your precious Anna Grace!

waiting4Isabella said...

It's now 9:26pm (USA Time) In approximately 4 minutes if not already you should be staring into the eyes of the precious child that our good LORD has brought to you and Scott. I'm praying for all of you. Hope the transition goes well.

I will be up waiting for your phone call tonight !!! Very excited with you all and can't wait to meet my new niece.

Blessings and peace to all of you in China.

MUAH !!!

Carmen said...

Hi O,

Keeping you and the clan in my thoughts and prayers tonite. Can't wait to see pictures of your family united.


Tammy said...


I am beyond excited for you and Scott. Praying that Anna Grace finds comfort in the arms of her family as her world changes.


Starla said...

On pins and needles here waiting for the next post and pictures! Wow! you have Anna Grace now!.....


Marian, Aubri and Andy said...


I am so excited for you!! Anna Grace will soon be cuddling in your arms! Keep PUSHING!! I can't wait to read the next post!


Leigh Ann said...

Ohilda, I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for your next post...

But I have to give in and go to bed. You must have Anna in your arms now - I'll say a prayer for you all when I turn out the lights.

I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. It's bringing me a little closer to RuYuan in my heart. I feel like I'm there with you, maybe enjoying it more than when I actually was in China!! LOL. I'm one of those people who most travel groups complain about - I'm content sitting in my hotel room with the AC and peering out my window occassionally while I munch on take out. I know, boring. BUT I think you're inspiring me to get out and live a little when we go to Yiwu for our Ru Yuan. I want to hire Toony =) and Mr. Jai. Let them know for me =) We'll be there in January =)
I'm also wondering if I can hire you to ghost write my blog. You're writing is so easy to read and so interesting.... write on!
Leigh Ann

Shelli said...

Have you not had that baby yet??? Pictures, we need pictures and updates and weight and length.. all that "birth" stuff.. ;) I'm so anxious and waiting to hear how things have gone. :* Hugs and kisses to you all.

Amy said...

Wish I were there with you, but only if I had another little Hefei babe to bring home! :) (Of course, I did do just that 3 months ago, like Ruth said, so I can't exactly complain!) Love reading your updates, and especially looking forward to the next one!

Denna said...

This is exciting. It is almost 12:30 here in the US. I know I should be in bed. You might have your sweetheart at this very moment. I hope all goes well with you guys. I will check back later on today.
I love your post about the labor.You are so funny. It brings so many memory's back.

Charlotte said...

Ohilda ! I woke up to nothing ! We in the US need pictures !!!!!


Janette said...

OMG, I can't wait till 3:00pm, which is usually when you post (3:00am there). Cant wait to see pictures. I pray that things went well yesterday with Anna Grace. I bet Kai just adores her!!
Love ya, Janette

Kelly said...

It is monday morning now and I know you have her. Normally I wait until the evening to ready your posts when all is quite in our busy house. This morning I couldn't wait! Looking forward to seeing pictures, even if at the moment they may be full of tears, yours and hers. :o)

Becky said...

We are all so excited! I keep checking to see if you have published today's happenings!!!!!
Love to everyone in the BIGGER BY ONE Bombardier clan.

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